Break to Realign & Integrate a New Rhythm ~ Virgo/Pisces

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*VIRGO* Questions to Contemplate:
· Where are you half way there (mid-terms)? and …
· Where are you experiencing completion (final exam)?
· How would you define your “Renovation” at this time? (of life/environment)
· Where could your Life and/or Environment benefit from a major “Upgrade”?
· Where in your Being or Environment do you need a major Healing/Integration?

This month we get several opportunities to connect to a deep and powerful healing, for ourselves and our planet. We can heal our past, present and future by grounding our intent at this time. Sun in Virgo is joined by (once in 12-years) Jupiter (2015-2016) and (once in 4-years) Juno (July-Oct 2015). Jupiter expands our life, and pushes us to learn, explore & experience life to the fullest. However, in Virgo, that has a slightly different meaning than you might think. That means we’re learning about natural processes, exploring possibilities for Sacred Work & correcting any rhythms or patterns which are out-of-sync with *now*. We can set our intentions for experiencing good health, finding value in the little things and learning from Nature itself. Juno brings in what we are deeply wedded to, deeply committed to, so she gives us added *JuJu* to renewing our commitment to our immediate, present moment, our physical health (and the planet’s), our natural rhythm & regular routine, as well as deepening the dedication to our sacred work.

The Super-Full Moon is likely to shine a light in the Pisces part of your chart, which is directly across from where you are grounding this new routine in Virgo. This is where you may need to surrender ancient wounds, hyper-sensitivity and overwhelm. Earth’s frequency has literally doubled in recent years, things are moving faster, yes, but the answer is not to be overwhelmed, shut down & go into hiding. The answer is better boundaries and regular time-outs for your body & mind so they can get acclimated to the Higher Frequencies. We have added *JuJu* for that too! Neptune & Chiron in Pisces are both facilitating an unprecedented healing on a grand scale ~ once in 165-years for Neptune (in Pisces 2011-2025) and once in 50-years for Chiron (in Pisces 2010-2018). This too is adding to the intensity & power of the current Pisces-Super Full Moon, which makes this weekend feel very personal for each of us. That said, we can access HUGE (customized) medicine for ourselves AND allow the planets do the heavy-lifting so we can be freed up to engage our imaginations, which will activate the creative solutions inherent in every moment.

That’s a LOT! So the month of Virgo supports & encourages a lot of sorting & sifting, organizing & clearing that which no longer serves. The first rule of the Universe is ORDER. This is the time to get your life, mind, body, soul & spirit, Order. Consider it a renovation of sorts … renovating the “old you” – to rebuild a better, stronger, more efficient & effective “new you”. The “new you” has all the old reliable, strong & unique parts, but now we are “upgrading” them so they can handle more energy, power & productivity. And above all, this is an energy affecting everyone in one way or another, so try to keep in mind that we are all at different stages in the process of “renovating” our lives, whether physical, financial, mental, spiritual, emotional or all of the above. (Mutual respect for each other’s process and a little compassion go a long way.)

The reason people renovate places instead of bulldozing them to the ground, is because they have inherent value which they seek to preserve. It is time for you to find the value within & around you and preserve it, by any means necessary. In order to do that, you have to inspect & assess what’s damaged and what’s still solid & useful (about your self and your circumstances). Once you have assessed what goes and what stays, that’s when it tends to get exhausting, messy & uncomfortable, because then you have to actually start pulling the place apart.

Your effort to improve will inevitably make others uncomfortable too. Be ready for that. As you change, everything around you changes … or goes away. What I have discovered is: those people & circumstances which leave during these periods of cleansing & healing, (especially around Eclipse season) sometimes are only gone temporarily and eventually reintegrate back in to your life, accepting you for who you are and forging new, stronger bonds. While other people & circumstances that leave your life at this time, leave permanently and that is ultimately for the greater good – to have them gone sooner than later. Be grateful, not sad.


*PISCES* Questions to Contemplate:
· Where are You Experiencing Completion/Closure?
· What Aspects of Your Core-Self have Dissolved Completely?
· What Subtle yet Significant Shifts Have Occurred Within or Around You?
· How has Addiction, Distraction or Escapism Slowed/Delayed Your Evolution?
· How/When/What Areas of Life are You Compulsive or Prone to Self-Sabotage?

The Pisces Super Full Moon (8/29) brings an Annual opportunity to *Release* any/all illusions/delusions about who you are or how you’re living. At this time, more than ever, your Inner Truth must match your Outer Reality (vibrationally) ~ we are encouraged to be congruent. In other words, those who are most in-alignment within & without ~ those who are living Authentic lives, are moving through with a relative amount of ease & grace. Please don’t confuse this with not having any challenges, loss or disappointment, just that navigating & decision-making is a lot easier when your Private Life and Public Image are congruent and you are making heart-centered decisions for both. If you are living a life completely contrary to your core essential Nature, then you are probably feeling the energies of change most intensely, but you are also supremely supported for the integration & wholeness available at this time.

This Pisces Super Full Moon is an opportunity to release all that you discovered is no longer part of the *System* of your life. Upgrades are necessary periodically and this is an annual chance (infused by current rare energies & additional alignments) to create space for you to finally *Integrate*: your education ~ your healing ~ your wholeness ~ your Truth ~ and ultimately, your faith in Self & the Universe!! Fears, phobias and unhealthy fantasies, which delude & delay, can now recede with the tide, returning to Gaia/Mother/Source, as She who knows the proper blessing to cleanse & infuse them with the love & light that transforms them in to useful, imaginative ideas and creative solutions that are Based ~ Sourced ~ Rooted ~ within your own unique individual SoulSelf.

This Pisces Super Full Moon is a potent opportunity to flush your entire system of the past and any toxicity which may be creating blockages in the flow of your life. Pause, assess and decide. The next step will become obvious & more accessible if you make time to be still & listen for your own heart, your own intuitive guidance, then trust it and act on your own behalf! Virgo/Pisces is all about learning to trust your body, honoring your natural rhythm & allowing your intuition (inner knowing) to guide you. You’ll know when things are in-sync or in-rhythm and when they are distinctly not. That doesn’t mean you stop dancing! You may simply need a little practice, there is both new music and new steps being introduced at this time.

Another round of Cardinal energy is on the way (along with Eclipses in Virgo & Aries), so use this month to restore your energy, replenish your Self, tend to your health & fitness, and create a daily practice that supports your current goals & aspirations. If you are resistant to doing whatever it takes to strengthen that trust within (your intuition), just note that the road will be that much more challenging for you. If you resist change and seek to control anything or anyone outside of Self, you are in for a bumpy & painful ride. If you want things to “go back”, you will be disappointed. So rather than resist the changes disrupting your life at this time, try silence, deep breaths, and intuitive, heart-centered decision-making. Use the earthy, practical energy of Virgo to direct the powerful, current flow of energy, get *Present* to here & now and take things one step at a time.

AUG/SEPT is the *best* time of the year to:
Release all petty distractions & people-pleasing and Embrace
your inner authority to direct your own life (consciously).
Release criticism & judgment and Embrace compassion & patience
with the process of activating your new rhythm & routine.
Release the need to have everything “perfect” before expressing it and
Embrace trusting your Self to know how to respond in any moment.
Release guilt & regret and Embrace the value of each experience’s lesson,
while forgiving your Self & others along the way.

This month is preparation for Fall Equinox & Libra time, when whoever is magnetized in to your energy field will reflect an aspect of your Self that you have *perfected* over the last 6-months to 1-year … and conversely, you may run into those who test it and thus reveal what you may still have to work on a bit (often we attract both). Either way, all your personal, individual work in the last 6-9 months has led to *here* and the Mutable *Thinking & Perceiving* Virgo/Pisces is leading to Cardinal *Action & Choices* of Libra/Aries in the realm of who you are and what you want, in both your public & private relationships. There will be a natural evolution toward radically new & different support systems, relationships, partnerships & collaborations (don’t resist who’s leaving or coming in, just watch with detachment at first). There is also a natural evolution going on around who you are or what you want (or not), to the tune of 20-years.
(Reference: Aries/Libra 1995-97 and Virgo/Pisces 1997-98.)

In closing, Virgo energy is all about being practical, natural & healthy and gives us support (each year) to work on our individual process and stabilize or eliminate something for the sole purpose of strengthening & fortifying our system in general. Receive the Blessing!

* Copyright © 2000-2015 * Kelly M Beard * * All Rights Reserved *
Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition
that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.


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