Update from Kelly ~ Jan 26, 2016

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The message from Trickster indicated that this timely *reminder* would be welcome (even though you just heard from me 10-days ago ; -)) I was so inspired after I re-listened to the Mercury Retro TeleCircle (1/21), that I was intuitively led to also revisit the Winter Solstice audio (12/21), which I do with Shanta Gabriel every year.

On these audios, we both mention this time (now) and how to maximize its potential, on multiple levels. Here’s when the Inner Architect really kicks in! If you recognize the value of planning, designing & developing, then reviewing these two audios (45-min & 33-min respectively) will really validate you thus far, as well as inspire your next step.
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I speak to the 8 Sacred Seasons and we have about 2-weeks to go before we get to Season#2, the MidPoint between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox, the Aquarius Gate of Power (2/4) when the energies beneath the surface begin to stir & awaken. This is a delicious time to consider your options before committing or making any definitive moves, just yet.

Mercury Retrograde is one of the few planetary cycles that have made it into general conscious awareness. I think that’s great! Mercury rules our Mind/Mental Body and has its own natural cycle & process of renewal, which gives us permission to do a clearing & integration about 3-4 times per year. We just gathered to discuss this a couple of days ago and what I found now, after re-listening to the Solstice audio too, is that I discussed the Mercury Retro on both calls, but from slightly different perspectives.


On Winter Solstice, I was in Sacred Space under the sky, in front of a blazing fire, connecting with Shanta and the Light Circle, setting our prayers & intentions for the first of the year. Then, on the FREE TeleCircle, it was more of an excited, sharing, here’s-a-heads-up, our typical Monthly Circle gathering. Both are valid & useful but what I also found is that they are oh-so rich together! And Mercury Direct is the best time to come upon this kind of confirmation (and information), as things begin rolling forward again.

Some folks are really good at flying by the seat of their pants, but if you’re interested in working with Mercury consciously, and in particular, through Earth Signs in 2016, I’ve created a Special Reading. This year, Mercury is going to focus your mind on bringing your ideas into form, upgrading the containers or delivery systems & shifting your perceptions in these departments of your chart (Houses). The last time we had this type of Earthy Infusion of our consciousness was in 2010, so that too can be a frame of reference for you.

Mercury Retro/Direct
Capricorn ~ Taurus ~ Virgo
~ Planetary Cycles Mentioned ~
12-yr cycle: Jupiter in Virgo ~ Last: 2003-2004
28-yr cycle: Saturn in Sag ~ Last: 1985-1988
50-yr cycle: Chiron in Pisces ~ Last: 1960-1968

This is a time of inevitable endings & potent possibilities as you step into a new year and onto a new Path! A Mercury Retro Reading is a great help, and customized for YOU! We will look at where Mercury has its extended stay ~ in your individual chart. It’s a great way to work with Mercury consciously, throughout the year, co-creating & tapping into your own special messages, medicine & magic. Mercury can assist us with this, in miraculous ways!

The Inner Architect Prepares to Break Ground is a reminder that each Sacred Season is only 6-weeks long and the Wheel continues to turn. When you have even just a loose outline, allowing space for the *magic or alchemical mix* of the moment too, often you achieve more in less time. I hope you find the *Goodies* useful & relevant for you, and reach out for support as needed.


The *Sacred Sandbox* ~ is slowly becoming a reality, but in keeping with the season of Mercury Retrograde, my schedule has already changed. Scottsdale has been postponed but not canceled. I will be in Chicago the 2nd week (instead of 1st week) in Feb and we’re still on for Spring Equinox in Washington, DC. If you’d like to connect, for a reading or a live Circle, please contact me directly.


About KarmicTools

About Kelly M. Beard + KarmicTools.com: I have been an astrologer since 1996. My mission + focus continues to evolve, through spiritual, intuitive and now, shamanic astrology where I have created an ongoing active practice of consciously working with the available energies, natural earthly rhythms + ongoing planetary cycles to guide + direct my life. We develop a relationship with Self, Earth + Sky thru simple awareness + conscious co-creation. As we develop a rhythm to our individual active practice, strengthened + fortified by the group energy, we learn how to create space for magic, miracles + more synchronicities to take place in our lives. Together, we consciously co-create with: ~ Natural Earthly Rhythms (8 Sacred Seasons) ~ Ongoing Planetary Cycles (Alignments + Activations) ~ Available Energetic Support (Angels, Ancestors + Animal Guides)
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