Update from Kelly ~ March 16, 2016

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The Sacred Season of *Spring Equinox* is About …
Initiation & Renewal of *Life*
Turning Point/Crossroads

Being More Active/Physical
Spring Cleaning & Clearing
Resurrection, Renewed Life & Vitality
New Beginnings, Seed-Planting & Initiation
Fiery Creativity, Fertility & Blossoming Energy
Taking a Serious Step in the Direction of Your Goal
Delicate Infant Stages, New Growth & Development

You are invited to join me & Shanta Gabriel tomorrow as we make our offerings and set our intentions for this Sacred Season. There are many celebrations and global prayer/meditations going on all over the world, holding space, as well as the vision of *Peace, Balance & Renewed Life* for Mama Earth & all her babies! Let’s claim that vision for one and all, then trust that our contribution of ongoing mindful focus & renewed dedication to Life counts for something.

As we integrate the global shifts happening at this time, we must understand the individual, internal shifts going on simultaneously, which the Lunar & Solar Rhythms help us do. Understanding the active energies & ongoing cycles will help you assimilate these shifts in a less traumatic and more self-assured way.

~ Plant the Garden of Your Soul ~
You’re Invited to Celebrate
Spring Equinox 2016
Join Us for TeleCircle
THUR/March 17, 2016
5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT
Click Here to Register
Donate $14 and Bring a Friend

Results & Benefits also increase when working with higher level group energy like this. You will feel more grounded & centered in Self, as well as deeply supported by others who are sharing the Path at this time. It is so delicious that we can support & honor each others’ chosen Paths without taking on anyone’s personal journey, which is always Unique & Sacred.

At this time, you are supported for:
Recognizing Deeper Universal Truths
Making Stronger Inner Connections
Remembering Innate Strengths & Gifts
Healing Individual & Collective Wounds
Integrating Fragments of Your Self, Soul or Spirit

There is power in holding a conscious intent or focus and even more so when the group energy is also being directed for the upliftment of the global community, of which you/we are a primary part. What we are coming together to co-create transcends language, like art & music, energy needs no translation … you feel it.

On an Individual level, this is a time to tune-in and honor whatever is stirring within, and positioning for *rebirth* in the near future. We are living during an incredible convergence of energy & cycles. All is vital, all is necessary, and the time is now ~ as we are deeply supported to seed the intention for Self, as well as Community & Mother Earth. Join us to celebrate tomorrow night!

~ A Rich & Fertile Time ~

Is anyone else feeling that Phoenix-from-the-Ashes vibe? All excess & non-essential scorched away, leaving space for a pure, clean new beginning. Whether within or without, whether by conscious inner choice or uncontrollable outer influences (wooosh!), we’ve all been pushed waaay out of comfort zone and definitely, into NEW Territory!

It’s no wonder, with Eclipses, Super New Moons, the 3 High Moons of Spring and all the additional (active) planetary cycles converging at once. The *Soil of Now* is extremely fertile, we must plant several seeds, knowing that only a few will take root and grow to full maturity and ultimately feed you/others, so choose to plant, cultivate & nurture wisely. You are *Planting the Garden of Your Soul*.

What are you cultivating within your Being? your Environment? your Relationships, Partnerships & Collaborations? What needs to be ‘weeded out’ so you can grow better, stronger & more beautiful? What needs to be fortified within?

To help you sort through these questions, as well as the energies, lessons and your own rhythms & cycles, I’d love to share the Spring Equinox Reading and the Eclipse Portal Reading, as suggestions to guide & support you at this time, and going forward. These are the ones I did for all of us but getting your individual one can be extremely helpful too! (See Details Below)

~ Seasonal Reading Specials ~
Click Here for Details ~ . * ~ .  . Click Here for Details

Kelly’s *BONUS* Spring Equinox 2-for-1 Offer ~ If you contribute $25 Here, you can bring a friend to the Equinox Celebration –and– I will do Spring Equinox Readings for both of you! ‘Tis the Season to Celebrate & Join with Others! (You don’t have to physically attend to receive Audio + Reading via eMail.)

~ Transform Your Money $tory Starts in April ~

Jana Matthews of ManifestingEssentials.com is launching a new program in April 2016 that I know many of you will be interested in. It’s called *Transform Your Money $tory*. Also, I’m offering my Mercury Retro Reading as Bonus Material with her program, so if you decide to take her class, you can get your personal reading for 2016 for only $75 (reg. $99).

We did a FREE Pre-Launch Podcast (56-min) and I encourage you to check it out if you’re interested in changing your relationship with money and connection to your own self-worth and personal value. Click Here for More Details

~ The Sacred Sandbox ~

ATTENTION: Washington, DC I need to hear from you! I will be there late March/early April. We won’t make it for official Equinox, but if there is enough response from you, then I will host a Circle of 10+.

Register Here if you’re in DC/MD/VA Metro Area and please indicate if you’d like a one-on-one reading with Kelly or you’d like to join a community event with Kelly + others. Feel free to share with those you know in the DC Metro area too!

~ Relevant Reflections & Additional Resources ~
See bottom of original mailing HERE.


About KarmicTools

About Kelly M. Beard + KarmicTools.com: I have been an astrologer since 1996. My mission + focus continues to evolve, through spiritual, intuitive and now, shamanic astrology where I have created an ongoing active practice of consciously working with the available energies, natural earthly rhythms + ongoing planetary cycles to guide + direct my life. We develop a relationship with Self, Earth + Sky thru simple awareness + conscious co-creation. As we develop a rhythm to our individual active practice, strengthened + fortified by the group energy, we learn how to create space for magic, miracles + more synchronicities to take place in our lives. Together, we consciously co-create with: ~ Natural Earthly Rhythms (8 Sacred Seasons) ~ Ongoing Planetary Cycles (Alignments + Activations) ~ Available Energetic Support (Angels, Ancestors + Animal Guides)
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