May 22 – 28, 2016: Weekly Forecast

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5/22 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~oppose~ Mars (purpose & desire):
This energy is a push-pull between what you think/say you want and how your choices reveal who you really are, between your ego and your will. For some, it can feel like a very confrontational energy that often manifests by awakening you to some deeper truth about your true nature (confronting a new aspect of Self in a whole new way). Of course, confrontations can also manifest with others who have opposing views of you or your situation. This is a personal awakening and a potent midpoint, the most powerful course-correcting time in any cycle, this one being a 2-year Mars cycle (2015-2017). Think about a new sense of identity that emerged in 2015 that you can feel is going to be completely formed or fully developed by 2017. Here, at the midpoint, how is it going? How does your life & choices reflect your true purpose & deepest desire for your life? It is a powerful time, and you will find out what you are made of and if your choices were made from your Higher Self or lower will. You may feel uncomfortable with what is revealed at this time, but you are deeply supported as you recognize your own unconscious extremes and find your new, conscious middle ground. If you find yourself dealing with inner or outer struggles, try to pause and determine the depth of your desire to continue in that direction (how bad do you want it?). Often we act out of habit and it is time to be truly present and not operate from such an old default setting. The best way to use this energy is to own any ego issues, put them in perspective and decide to be more congruent with your thoughts, words & deeds. Recommit to your Self & your true purpose in life, the planets support you!

5/24 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~oppose~ Mars (purpose & desire):
This energy brings a balance & integration of your inner masculine & feminine energies. Your inner masculine is supposed to negotiate on your behalf, get your ideas in the world & maintain good boundaries, while your inner feminine is a guiding force that creates space to contain & nurture life and your creative babies. Because it is an opposition, it’s time to check in with your SoulSelf to make sure you’re not swinging between extremes, or trying to force issues rather than being open & receptive and going with the flow. Of course Venus & Mars brings relationships into the light, forcing issues of balance & integration within your relationships as well. Remember, as you change, others must change or go away. As you integrate more balance within you, maintaining balance with others becomes almost effortless. Also, if sexuality is an aspect of your relationship, then that too will undergo a balancing/re-balancing of sorts with this activation. Rather than project onto another, ask your Self some questions regarding your true desires and your true values. What is closest to your heart and fires you up from within, with no props, people or payments necessary?

5/26 ~ Jupiter (Truth) ~square~ Saturn (Purpose):
(3 of 3: 8.3.2015 ~ 3.23.2016 ~ 5.26.2016)
For this activation, I’d like to start by saying: when you change, everything (and everyone) around you must change or go away. It is the natural law. This means adjustments are going to have to be made around your belief system and your reality. Are they congruent? Are you living your Truth? Do you know your true Purpose (at this time)? While this may not be an easy one, it is a good one! Think of your Life Path since 2000, with special attention to 2005, 2010, 2015 and it culminates in 2020. It’s a great time to really meditate on how you’d like your life to be a reflection of your Truth & Purpose. These two activate the Expand/Consolidate process within but in this case, it is not an either/or, you must do both, but in very different Areas of Life (Houses of Virgo/Sag in this case). Often, sacrifices must be made in the name of ‘progress’, in this case YOURS. The blessing of this activation is that, if you’re solid on your Truth & Purpose, you can gain some real traction with your professional or educational goals. Jupiter always brings expansion, so whatever you’re doing or creating at this time can have long-term results, so be patient when you’re feeling restless or limited. Pause. Pray. Then Proceed. There is always disruption during growth spurts, and sacrifices will be made but not in a careless or destructive way. At least, that is the goal ; -) This activation challenges you to align what you believe is possible for you with the reality you’re living.

Coming in June: Saturn (Reality) ~square~ Neptune (Dreams):
(2 of 3: 11.26.2015 ~ 6.17.2016 ~ 9.10.2016)
This activation brings up many fears, illusions, doubts and can be a real downer. However, it doesn’t have to be. You are questioning EVERYTHING but because it’s Saturn, most of your fears & doubts may be around your professional security, your true purpose, your worthiness to achieve your dreams and/or your ability to manifest your dreams or accomplish your goals. Neptune is bringing in the fog so it is not the best time to make long-term commitments, though if you are solid and finally gaining traction at making those dreams a reality, this one could still activate doubts but hopefully, you have a practice in place that eradicates them before they take root. One more thing, Saturn is our physical limitations and Neptune is what is hidden, so it is a good time to be pro-active on your own behalf where your health is concerned. Get that overdue check up, take that overdue walk outside, breath deeper and more often. Balance your time at work with time in nature.

*NOTE* ~ This is a rare activation that requires more details if you want to work with them consciously. Saturn has a 28-year cycle and spends about 2.5 years in each Sign. Neptune has a 165-year cycle and spends about 14-years in each Sign. So they do not connect directly that often. A conjunction is the Initiation Point and the opposition is the MidPoint in the entire cycle. The Squares represent growth times, when it is often uncomfortable, but also leads to better circumstances … if/when you pass the tests. (See Dates & Signs for this current cycle below.) A good rule of thumb is that you will be given the same test (albeit in various forms) over and over again, until you pass. That’s Saturn! The Great Teacher, and a great planet & cycle to work with consciously. Neptune makes that a little more difficult, but no less valuable. It works on your consciousness, imagination, larger unifying concepts (union with the Divine) that are fun to imagine, dream & talk about but which will always require grounding to be useful & effective to your Self or others. Another reminder here is, you can change your consciousness in an instant. Your physical reality takes actual time & literal steps to reach its true form & full potential.

Saturn – Neptune SQUARES (in recent years)
1979-1980 = Virgo/Sag
1998-1999 = Taurus/Aquarius
2015-2016 = Sag/Pisces

Saturn – Neptune CURRENT CYCLE = 1989-2026
1989 – 2026 = Initiation in Capricorn
1998-1999 – First Test in Taurus/Aquarius
2006-2007 – MidPoint in Leo/Aquarius
2015-2016 – Last Test in Sag/Pisces

NEW CYCLE BEGINS – 2026 @ Zero Aries

AfterThought ~ Now, you can look at the upcoming activation (6.17.2016) within the context of the cycle, as well as your own life. Reflect on those years and Signs. Above explains the planetary interaction. You can also consider the Signs for the lesson & purpose of the activation. Saturn in Sag is asking that you live your Truth in every moment, in physical reality, and be responsible for that Truth, hold your own structure and recognize your resources and the true Source of your supply. Neptune in Pisces is asking that we find the Love & Unity with ALL Life and reminds us that – no matter what – ALL Life is eternally connected, so you and your life both matter. You are an added blessing in a very large & diverse family. You are part of a much larger Truth & Story, your relationship to Mother Earth and her life’s blood (and thus, our life’s blood as well) WATER (Neptune rules the oceans). So you see how there are extremely important & relevant aspects of this very large 28-year cycle (within the context of the 165-year cycle) that we must take into account, however, any time Saturn is involved, we are assured that we will be bringing these larger unifying concepts into our physical reality somehow and grounding them in our body, Jupiter in Virgo is helping with this too, bringing consciousness into the body.

5.22.2016 ~ I included the above Saturn/Neptune activation because it and the Jupiter/Saturn activation are both ongoing and in Mutable Signs (Virgo/Pisces & Sag), so very related. It is best to look at them and their combined energies as an opportunity to make some deeper connections to the larger Story of your life. How has your Truth panned out in the last 28-years? Saturn tests our faith and challenges what we believe at this time. Some aspects of your personal Truth are probably stronger than ever, while some illusions/delusions have also been revealed; errors in judgment, staying overlong, self-sabotaging detours & delays. It’s all good because ultimately, Saturn rewards genuine effort & deep dedication. Rededicate to your Self and connect to the unwavering faith in your Spirit, miracles abound! Many cycles are converging, initiating, completing or at their midpoint, so we have much to work with.

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