Aug 14 – 20, 2016: Weekly Forecast

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8/14 ~ Venus (relationships) ~oppose~ Neptune (illusion):
Beware of delusions of grandeur where your relationships (old and new) and/or your finances are concerned. Basically, you should keep your true priorities in mind and you will be fine, but if you are deluded to any extent, it may be revealed at this time. It is time to balance what is truly important to you in you interactions with others and the vision for the long-term goal. You can have an ideal romantic experience with this energy, but remember true love takes hard work & dedication, while romance tends to come and go. This energy tends to make you give and give and give in a relationship thinking that will inspire the other to respond in kind, and ultimately you end up empty-handed because your motives weren’t correct, you were doing it with expectation (consciously or not), which almost always will let you down. Giving with any expectation always leads to disappointment. A better use of this energy is to focus on unconditional love, altruistic endeavors and anything artistic.

8/16 ~ Sun (core identity) ~trine~ Uranus (individuality):
This energy is wonderful for a little self-examination and taking action on your own behalf. Look at your habits, home situation, work or anything else that is important to you and look at how you’ve gotten to where you are. What kind of choices led here? This is a good time to look around and see how you can conserve what is useful and release that which is no longer relevant for you going forward. It’s also a good energy for organizing & clearing the decks, so to speak, of things that have piled up but still need to be dealt with (or released altogether). You may be feeling very practical, possibly selfish, but it’s actually self-preservation.

8/17 ~ Venus (values, relationships & resources) ~trine~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
Anytime Pluto’s involved the intensity levels go up and you are able to hear/feel your SoulSelf more clearly than usual. Venus brings up that which is most important to you personally, your individual values & priorities, where your relationships & resources are concerned. This is an easy angle, making purification & transformation smoother than usual too. So, what are you ready to change? How have your values & priorities changed completely in the last year or so? Use this activation to deepen your connection with those you love most and allow the relationship to evolve to a totally new level. If you’re working on your relationship with money or self-worth specifically, this activation is a good time for prayer or ritual that supports positive change and your vision for the future. Pour any intense emotions or revelations into art of any medium or do a vision board, but give expression to the depths you recognize as coming to the surface of your consciousness.

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NOTE: This week (Aug 14-20) is very Venus in Virgo, next week (Aug 21-27) is very Mars in Sag and then we deal with full-on Mercury Retro in Virgo so I grabbed a few of my Virgo/Sag Affirmations and misc notes just to give you something to add to the mix of the Weekly Forecast. IN-Joy!!

Watch for the Venus in Virgo issue of being out of sync with your natural rhythms & disconnected from your physical environment. Often, we lose touch with our bodies or natural rhythms, especially when we are not trusting ourselves or our own individual process. We can get stuck in ‘survival mode’ and unconscious negative patterns result. Venus in Virgo encourages you to honor your body and the Earth as Sacred and essential. If there is anything blocking that then consider using the Full Moon energy of *release* to pull from the root, anything blocking you from feeling worthy of physical health & personal integration.
Virgo Affirmation: I am releasing old rhythms & routines so I can reclaim the innate joy & vitality of living an authentic & heart-centered life.

Virgo Affirmation: I am releasing any need for perfection so I can reclaim a life that is heart-centered & radiates love, light & authenticity to all.

Mars in Sag ~ Double Fire. Serious does of self-righteousness. This energy can bring chaos or brilliance – your choice. This energy tends to make you direct or blunt and often, painfully honest as well as activate the desire to be more physical or athletic than usual. Just keep in mind, this Fire energy needs proper, safe channels or containers. Try not to take things personally at this time, and try to avoid petty arguments or fights. Channel any excess energy or unresolved anger. Rage-to-Outrage ~ remember, rage is paralyzing, while outrage is mobilizing. Don’t forget to apply some of that brutal honesty when looking in the mirror and practice standing up for what you believe in.

Sag Affirmations: I am releasing old ideas, perceptions & beliefs so I can reclaim true wisdom, faith & connection to my Inner Compass.

I am ready, willing & able to listen to my own Truth, follow my own Heart & tell my own unique Story of Love & Adventure.

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Kelly’s Audio Update
Aquarius Full Moon & Fall Eclipse Portal (Virgo/Pisces)

I’m in the Eclipse Portal with the rest of you – weeee! I’d love to hear how it is unfolding for you too ; -) I am part of Shanta Gabriel’s Light Circle and we just had our regular monthly Full Moon Circle, which she asked me to speak on this time. (Check it out! Audio Update) I followed it up with a note to her Light Circle (see below) and wanted to share with both my public (blog) and my Power Circle (eMailing List) a few additional recommendations … and say *Happy Full Moon*!

Also, it became really apparent to both Shanta & I that it was time to review our years of honoring the Harmonic Convergence, initiated Aug 16-17, 1987 and culminated in 2012. Essentially, it was a 25+ year movement to bring harmony & peace, through global prayer & meditation, to the Earth as we all enter a New Age. I listened to BOTH the 2008 call I did, as well as the live event Shanta & I did together in Petaluma, CA in 2009. They were incredible reminders, on innumerable levels.

The 2008 Audio (72-min/mp3) was a tele-circle I held on 8/6 just 2-days prior to the 08.08.08 Portal, which was also wildly transformative for us all. It was the MidPoint between 2004 and 2012 (relevant to the Venus Cycle) and I mentioned how “2012 is only 4-years away” and now I am listening thinking, “it’s been 4-years since 2012″. Both proved how fast time flies when you’re having fun! At any rate, on this call I focused much more on energy and guidance for the evolution of community because I was wanting to contribute my piece to the Harmonic Convergence ; -) I did less astrology and more energy, cycles & divinations that are unbelievably useful & relevant to *Now*!

Whereas the 2009 Audio of Live Event (77-min/mp3), I shared more astrology and Sacred Seasons, as well as our common focus, which was contributing to the Harmonic Convergence *global* prayer & meditations for that year. Shanta was brilliant and I highly recommend listening to this one too.

Finally, the following links will guide you to more info on my Eclipse Reading Special if you are interested in knowing more about navigating your way through the Fall Portal. Reach out!

7.24.2016 ~ Blog Post:  Untethered + More Connected than Evaaa!

8.4.2016 ~ eMailing List:  Entering the FALL Eclipse Portal ~ Special Reading & FREE Tools

8.16.2016 ~ Audio Update (33-min/mp3)
Excerpt from Aquarius Full Moon Meditation w. Shanta Gabriel’s Light Circle

Post-Call Note from Kelly to Shanta’s Light Circle
Hi All ~ It was such a joy to hold space with you as we prepared for today’s Full Moon, I am deeply grateful for my connection to Shanta and the Light Circle. Below are links to the two articles I quoted. I thought I might also share some highlights or reminders ; -)

~ August is Leo/Virgo – Fire/Earth – Creativity/Natural Rhythm, namely your own. This is personal. Once the Sun moves into Libra, then we start to connect with more people and get the responses to the self-work we’ve done Spring-to-Fall (last 6-months).

~ August 30 – Sept 22 ~ Mercury Retrogrades in VIRGO rewiring our processes within, realigning our personal systems so that they are more effective. It’s time to give some energy, time & attention to your Heart/Soul – Mind/Body – Heart/Mind – Body/Soul connections. All require regular maintenance to serve your Highest good.

~ September brings a Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse indicating a seed-time for creating a new personal system for living that is more natural and in-tune with your own, as well as, Mother Nature. Then, we have a Pisces Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse indicating a completion-time from as close as March 2016 or as far back as Sept 1997. (March 2006 would’ve been the MidPoint in larger cycle.)

~ September also brings the annual shift of Jupiter into a new Sign: LIBRA on 9.9.2016 (also a 9) so this is a powerful day on a number of accounts. It is here that I will remind you we just came through an intense but brilliant 8.8 Portal so there may be a sense of incremental growth as you shift with the energies. As for Jupiter, the last time it was in Libra was Sept 2004 – Oct 2005. Its presence there will expand your relationships, partnerships & collaborations, pushing them to exist on a whole new level. If it helps to look for patterns of shifts within you and/or your relationships during the years: 2004 (Libra) ~ 2007 (Capricorn) ~ 2011 (Aries) ~ 2013-14 (Cancer).

It’s time to rely less on old routines or habits and invest our time in allowing new rhythms & conscious practices to rise up from within. As they do, you will strengthen & fortify your own Inner Compass (Heart) and make good choices as you navigate the World (Intuition). Remember, new beginnings, new life and embarking on new Paths entail a great deal of Trust & Faith but ultimately only require you to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. There is no going back ; -) so let’s make the most of the current time to *Break to Realign with the NOW* and look around for the blessings!

If you’d like to know more about my Special Reading Offer, Click Here and find additional articles & resources. (

The Cosmic Story: Aquarius Full Moon by Cathy Pagano
Aquarius Full Moon Update by Patricia Liles

Many Blessings,


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