Feb 26 – Mar 4, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Eclipse

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NOTE from Kelly ~ Energetically, we have an incredible week ahead of us! This week starts with a Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse and ends with Venus Retrograding in Aries. We are still in the Eclipse Portal and the Endings/New Beginnings abound left & right, both personal and collective! Be mindful and heart-centered as much as possible. There is incredible *magic* available in this coming week alone but it is also a potent mix that must be consciously directed to be useful & effective. New Moons often facilitate an ’emptying out’ that feels like an endless void to some but remember, all seeds germinate in the darkness and you are in a safe and completely natural process of life (transformation/evolution), facilitated by the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse (2/26).

If you can find some time/space in Nature, in Intentional Solitude, then you may be able to take advantage of this womb-like place we find ourselves to develop your own vision of going forward in 2017. If you cannot get away, take a mental vacation or meditate to open up the flow and activate your imagination. Invite clarity around that which is complete in your life, as well as what is about to be birthed. See this time (and next 6-12 months) as the culmination of all your experiences for 1 – 9 – 19-years, and Pisces as the end-of-the-end, yet also a new beginning (New Moon) of a brand new pattern (Solar Eclipse).

The Virgo/Pisces axis teaches all about our humanity, as well as the God inside; your Spirit in human form. An incredible upgrade to our individual & collective systems happened during (most recently) the years: 1997-98 and 2006-08 and now, 2015-17. Think of your life pre- and post-2012 and what kind of energetic upgrades you have been able to experience consciously, or now, looking back, some often happen unconsciously and only become obvious in hindsight. The blessing of knowing, or having even a basic awareness of, your own personal patterns is that you get to consciously co-create your future.

Many of you have reported feeling incredible shifts within and around you since August 2015. I recommend reviewing this article of mine from that time as we wrap up the Virgo/Pisces Eclipse series. You will likely find amazing insights & ah-ha’s and recognize where you have totally evolved, as well as where you may still have some personal work to do. It’s all good. There is no “time” in GOD!! And everyone receives the message when they are ready to receive it. Check out this article, especially if you have strong Virgo/Pisces and/or Gemini/Sag in your chart. This is a MAJOR Completion for one and all, no one is exempt, but it’s particularly potent for you personally. Spirit in human form evolves, like skin cells sloughing off, we too are moving to our natural next level. Do you trust your Self? your Universe? Nature?
Article: Break to Realign & Integrate a New Rhythm ~ Virgo/Pisces

Venus Retrograding may feel like an altogether different kind of ’emptying out’ ~ especially in your relationship and/or resource departments of life. Once again, I invite you to join us for FREE TeleCircle ~ Intro to the New Venus Cycle 2017. Register and check out my Article HERE to learn more about Venus Retro in Aries.

2/26 ~ Mars (passion & purpose) ~conjunct~ Uranus (freedom & liberation):
This energy is a volatile mix but can be directed constructively. When these two get together, it can provoke you to be completely intolerant of restrictions and gives you an undeniable urge to break free in some way, shape or form. It’s time to do things in a completely new way. Uranus is the Awakener and Mars rules who you are and what you want on one level, and your Divine Masculine on another level (the part of you that gets your ideas out there, holds your boundaries & negotiates on your behalf). This is a break-to-realign moment but in an initiatory way (rather than a challenging growth moment), it’s time to start a new Path, Passion or Purpose that is born from within. This is a brand spanking new beginning for you (personally) and one that may even surprise you, let alone those around you, so stay loose yet alert. If you have a solid sense of Self and are clear about your deepest desires, then this energy is just what you need to finally (and permanently) break old limiting patterns of behavior which no longer suit who you have become. You may have considerable energy, so you should direct it consciously or into a project of your own making, something you created, something truly unique and that will ultimately reflect the Truth of who/what you are. At its worst, it is violent thrashing, reactionary and indiscriminate destructiveness.
*NOTE* ~ The last 2-years should inform you (2015-2017). Mars connects with Uranus in Aries 5-times during 2011-2018, which is re-setting a lot of buttons for anyone with Cardinal Signs (Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn) in their chart. The dates of their connection, in an initiatory way are: 4.3.2011 ~ 3.22.2013 ~ 3.11.2015 ~ 2.27.2017 ~ 2.13.2019. You may be able to discern a pattern to the themes that arise for you around these dates.)

2/27 ~ Mars (desires & actions) ~oppose~ Jupiter (expansion & learning):
This energy is perfect for working on your “grand vision” and that is exactly what you’ll “feel” like doing under this influence. Anything or anyone that blocks you from that should be consciously (and kindly) dealt with and then get to it! Mars is action and Jupiter is expansion and they are dancing together. It can be a selfish, undirected dance where no one has fun or it can be the beginning of something huge! You can use this energy to access the single-mindedness of Mars to accomplish the huge goals & aspirations of Jupiter. Or, now that you know who you are and what you want, you can finally act on a greater vision for your life. Either way, pace your Self with these two as you can bite off more than you can physically handle. Remember, you can/do change your consciousness in an instant, but physical anything takes time to come into being. The potential downfall of this energy is to allow the Mars ego (Edging-God-Out) to lead when it serves a better purpose being the strength, not necessarily the strategy. And allow Jupiter’s connection to the Higher Truth for you, guide your choices & actions on this new Path. The Jupiter in you sees the bigger picture, your Infinite potential that your SoulSelf longs to fulfill. Get out of your own way. Watch the inclination to “overdo” EVERYTHING – spending, physical activity, over-promising/under-delivering etc. Stay within your physical limits but expand limits of your consciousness. Robert Hand says, “The sense of timing of your actions may leave you and others amazed and sure that you’re lucky. But really you have succeeded because you have a complete understanding of the situation.” Tune into and follow your own instincts. Practice & improvise often so you learn how they work at this higher frequency.

3/1 ~ Sun (essential Self) ~conjunct~ Neptune (delusions & illusions):
This transit tends to make you very sensitive (rational or not) to others. If you are one of those people who tends to put everyone else’s needs before your own, watch out, because this makes that urge even stronger. Be aware of two things: (1) often, people who focus so much on others, to the exclusion of their own needs, do it because there is something about their own life they are not ready to face; and (2) you could get lost in your so-called altruism to the point where you lose touch with reality, thus opening yourself to physical danger. This energy is best used to take some Intentional Solitude and meditate/contemplate your own world, hopes & dreams. If you can be completely detached in your charity work and it uplifts rather than drains you at this time, then go for it. I use this little motivation to decide – is your life so perfect and abundant that you can afford to spend so much time and energy on another’s life? If so, GREAT! Go for it! If not, however, then “charity begins at home” – get to work on YOU! No one can care for your mind or body (literally) except you and we are supported to find new ways of doing that. Radical Self-Care is as you personally define it but find what replenishes you so that you don’t miss out on much *magic* drowning in a sea of confusion (within or around you).

3/2 ~ Jupiter (Your Truth & Story) ~oppose~ Uranus (freedom & liberation):
2 of 3: 12/26 ~ 3/2 ~ 9.27.2017)
This is another potent and relatively rare combo (every 12-years) that brings expansion & liberation into your life, meaning nothing will ever be the same again. These two, in their own unique ways, like to shake things up and push you out of any rut you may be in at this time. Neither of them do well with maintaining the status quo, Jupiter wants to expand in new ways and tell a new story, while Uranus wants to break out of the old and step into the new in some way. Naturally, this becomes most obvious in your relationships (personal or professional) where things have grown stagnant. If you have obligations that have run their course, try to be proactive on your own behalf by initiating the necessary changes consciously, lest you get blindsided or create more to deal with than necessary. Though it may “seem” sudden, it really has been building over time and with these two, you are reminded that the old way simply will not work anymore. I’ve often reminded folks that ‘when you change, everyone around you has to change or go away’ – it’s the natural order. The truth is that, this kind of integration can be positive, in that, you may not know how or what to change, but the Universe does and it will provide the customize catalyst one way or another. Your job is not to throw the baby out with the bath water though. There are some solid aspects of your Truth and belief system (Jupiter) which also have a natural evolution (Uranus) that takes your life to the next level organically at this time. Be as loving with your Self and others as you possibly can, as you work through what you know and what you’re learning, stay open & receptive to new ideas and trust your intuition along the way. Remember, intuition is like a muscle, the more your work-it, the stronger you get. It’s time to do things differently, your Truth & Story has evolved and changed over 12-years and now it is time to breathe some fresh air into the story you’re telling by the life you’re living.

3/4 ~ Mercury (communication & expression) ~conjunct~ Neptune (imagination & spirituality):
This is a mixed blessing, but definitely an initiation either way. It can be miraculous for creativity, art or imaginative exploration. I like to consider this one for a personal ‘conversation with God’, your Higher Self, your SoulSelf. As with any initiation, a completion must come first, and in this case with Mercury, it’s time to expand your thinking in some way – go deeper. Invite your Ancestors, Angels & Animal Guides to answer your questions, listen for the answers and let your Invisible Spirit Helpers guide you at this time. Communing with them is much more supported than seeking help sourced outside your Self. So if you need to think about the mundane or confront someone about something which requires complete honesty from both parties, things could get a little hazy & confused thanks to Neptune here. There is always a veil to contend with when dealing with Neptune, but you have to know which side of it you are on so you are in alignment with the Nature around you (3D vs 5D). This energy tends to color reality, misleading you to think you are being perfectly clear in your communication or what you’re trying to express, while others are completely lost. It’s better to say nothing, rather than be completely misunderstood.

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