March 26 – April 1, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Bonus Audios

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Time to Honor the New
(Re)Birth is a risky and magical thing, with waves of emotions, alternating pain & elation and, often, you cannot be sure how long *Labor* will take. Aries time offers a Rebirth for everyone and always a time to tend to your needs first. Self-Preservation is not selfish but essential to your growth, evolution & survival. And this is the time of year to check in with your Self & decide what seeds you want to plant this Spring.
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This year is living up to its name, being a *1* year, asking us all to honor the NEW. Well, that always requires some adjustment ; -) but we are totally supported this Spring to ‘pull back -to- go forward’. To that end, I have an Excerpt (18-min/mp3) from the Mercury Retro audio that speaks to this time and the upcoming Mercury Retro Taurus/Aries (4/9 – 5/3) with the Tarot of the Spirit guidance, which is extremely useful to review.

Earth Angels Art

You have enormous support from all the planets but I also wanted to mention how Mercury Retro *bookends* the Venus Retro this year in a very special way. Essentially, we are changing our minds completely about what is really important and valuable, then Venus comes along to rework our Aries/I Am Dept of Life. As you shift how you use your resources, who you spend your energy with and what’s most important to you at this time, your consciousness will evolve yet again. So it is a blessing that the same week Venus goes Direct, Mercury goes Retro again, giving you yet another chance to integrate all that you’ve realized, remembered or learned in the last 3-6 months about what is/is not working with your current identity, purpose & value.

I was just pondering how the year started with Mercury Retro (Capricorn/Sag) supporting you as you rethink your Truth & Purpose, which led to Jupiter Retro in Libra giving you the opportunity to edit the current Story around your support systems (family, friends, community & relationships – personal/professional), which led to Venus Retro in Aries pushing you to realign your inner values with your outer priorities where your Identity & Purpose are concerned … and before Venus goes Direct, Saturn Retro in Sag is going to ask you restructure your belief system, Mercury Retro (Taurus/Aries) will give you yet another opportunity to recalibrate your inner feminine & masculine so it serves you better and finally, Pluto Retro in Capricorn supports the complete transformation of all of the above. Deep Breath ….

Cassiopeia ~ Fire Dancing

So, if you missed the Intro to the New Venus Cycle, I also recommend reviewing the Venus Retro in ARIES Audio (49-min/mp3) and/or the Mythic Tarot Reading (55-min/mp3) because she’s deep into her process now and I’ve already received messages from many of you that both your relationships & finances are UP for radical rejuvenation and either of those audios will help you hone in on what’s being activated for you. If you don’t know your Pisces/Aries Houses in your chart, submit request HERE for your FREE Personal Activations. Also keep in mind if you get your Reading + Custom Guide, the first 3-months of the Monthly Circle are included to help get you started. Click Here for Details

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3/26 ~ Mercury (your thinking) ~conjunct~ Uranus (the Awakener):
It is said that this energy depends on your “normal mental speed” which is not the same as intelligence. If you are naturally quick mentally, then you will be downloading more than usual during this initiation. Uranus acts as a Lightning Rod that strikes and briefly illuminates an area of your life, in this case, Aries, a new, clean slate for one and all. Ah-ha moments will lead to more freedom and independence, but only to the degree that you can maintain them yourself. If you are in like-hearted circles, the conversations could be really stimulating, unlocking perceptions across the board. If you are not naturally quick mentally, then this will be helpful for you as you are more likely to experience awakenings and connections to your own intuition that help strengthen it within. The Shadow side to this energy is being over-sensitive and jumping to conclusions. Test & Ground your insights before hardwiring them into your Being in any way. Over-taxed nervous system is widely available for all, so try to connect with Mother Earth often. Whatever gets zapped (loosened) can thus be moved to the compost pile. Whatever gets illuminated (becomes conscious) is to be further investigated for merit, but valuable nonetheless. Keep records of ah-ha moments as you won’t be able to immediately act on all of them at the same time and, those you cannot (at this time) often turn into nuggets of gold in your future.

3/27 ~ Mars (action) ~sextile~ Neptune (dreams):
This energy puts action behind your dreams! This is the perfect time to reflect on what you really want and if the path you’ve chosen thus far still serves your ultimate goals. Your intuition is heightened and you’re more alert and ready to act on the information you receive. This information is trying to point you toward a more enlightened plan (than you have right now) for manifesting your Truth and Purpose. It’s also a good time to help others realize their dreams in a more tangible way. This energy is that of the volunteer, idealistic and committed to change!

3/29 ~ Mercury (your thinking) ~trine~ Saturn (structure & organization):
This energy is good for deep thinking. You are sharp and your standards are high because you are in ‘strategy mode’. This is a more solitary energy though, so communications with others may be hampered a bit because it is time for you to hold your own, at some new level. It’s time to focus on the details that hold the big dream together, all the little things that make the grand vision work. Some respect that attention to detail while others may consider it nit-picky but it is what the energy supports at this time so don’t worry if others don’t understand at this time. By the same token, you may also feel a little overwhelmed by the many “little things” that cannot be denied or delayed and thus a sense of urgency to get it all done. Beware of a tendency toward pessimism, depression or overwhelm. Try to stay focused on all the blessings that you do have and all that you have accomplished instead of what’s still on the list of things to do (in life). This energy is not intended to make you feel bad about all the things left yet to do, but encourage you to begin the necessary steps for manifesting your dreams. This energy just makes you focus on the practical side of manifesting. Clear the debris, and begin to lay a new, clean, solid foundation beneath your goals. Saturn gets you present to the necessary steps and Mercury helps you think clearly.

3/30 ~ Jupiter (your story) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):
(2 of 3: 11/24 ~ 3/30 ~ 8.4.2017)
These two energies are potent by themselves, but when challenging each other like this, permanent change is underway. Squares push you “out of comfort zone – in to – new territory”, that, essentially, you could not get to on your own as you need the friction or the push. Keep your own motivations pure to avoid getting hurt by the karmic debris swirling nearby, know your own Truth & Story and allow what’s no longer true to fade, while embracing a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to something larger than you. Pluto is the Purifier and Jupiter represents justice and laws and is a social planet, so look for changes in government and revelations of the movements and machinations that are covert or hidden from the public view. There is a cleansing happening as we speak. It is time to question everything ~ especially your own belief systems. Reflect to see if what you hold as Truth is still adequate or even accurate. This energy is best for working toward positive change and restoring clean power structures within and out in the world, and helping the individual transform their personal story considerably.

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