April 9 – 15, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Retrogrades

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4/9 ~ Mercury Retro in TAURUS
Mercury rules our ideas, thoughts & concepts, as well as how we learn & process information, as well as how we communicate & express ourselves. It’s no wonder it needs 3-4 breaks per year to keep the wires untangled and the tubes clear and flowing both ways. I always encourage you to use these periodic breaks in the worldly flow of communications (along with the typical warnings you get every year to: back up computers, be proactive on car repairs & diligent on double-checking the details of any/every deal, contract or agreement) but this is a deliciously supported time to turn inward, retrace your steps over the last 3-weeks and see what ideas, thoughts or themes are repeating. Going back over Taurus Issues of food, sex, money, comfort & security, beauty and what Mercury ideas, thoughts, concepts & perceptions are you cultivating in your own life? How are you using your resources to create your life as an expression of what you truly value? This is the time to use your body and your senses to answer long-standing mental or emotional issues you may be seeking clarity on at this time. Ask: Does this give me Pleasure? Nourishment? Reward? What’s the Value? Is it a Real Priority?

Mercury will re-enter Aries (4/20) for a review and will ultimately go forward in Aries (5/3) activating your new path in some way. Your Identity & Purpose is UP in so many ways, and you’ve now reconnected your true values with some really juicy, original ideas that are worthy and will soon be viable options for you to pursue too! To my innately Fiery Spirits, pump your breaks! There is still more information to be revealed and more inner jewels for you to mine throughout the Spring Season. Set things up, prepare, clear space for new growth & expansion, calculate your future moves but don’t make them until your Heart & Gut sign off.    Relevant Reflections: —
Click Here for Mercury Retro ~ EARTH: Inner SoulSelf ~ (1-page/PDF)
Includes: Inner Architect, Inner Artist & Inner Shaman At-a-Glance

4/11 ~ LIBRA Full Moon
This one has so much additional power & juice for clearing out old, toxic, imbalanced relationships in a way that is so obvious that it makes it almost effortless to finally let go. You will also be shown the new possibilities for nourishing & supportive, balanced & reciprocal relationships, partnerships & collaborations that are being seeded at this time in your life. Where is the beauty? fun? joy? supportive, helpful, peaceful people? What nourishes your body? mind? soul? spirit? Think in terms of how it has evolved over the last 6-months, 1-year and over the last 8-years for sure. What you used to be magnetized and attracted to has likely evolved, deepened and changed completely from 7-10 years ago. It’s time to do some internal reflection on the lessons & blessings you have gained through all your current relationships. No matter how grueling or treacherous they’ve been, you’ve learned something about your Self and humanity and how peace must be nurtured. Now, the Universe, the planets, Mother Earth herself all support you in stepping up and into NEW ways of being your Self, which automatically shifts how you relate with Others, on every level. Many small Circles and Communities have strong roots and are growing amazing things that will feed us all in the end. Find your inner balance, tap into this Spring Season when physical balance is naturally available and call in more balance & reciprocity in your personal & professional relationships. Allow good into your life.
Click Here for Full Moon Poem

4/15 ~ Venus Direct in PISCES
This final dive into Pisces also supports us clarifying the vision of love, beauty & balance that humanity is capable of and that we as individuals can cultivate more of, in our daily lives. It’s time to value & trust your own intuition, you are connected to Spirit in many ways but you also live here in a Body, on a physical planet that requires you to be-here-now. You are sharpening your own instincts to guide you in this unchartered territory that we all find ourselves. Get your inner values & outer priorities in alignment. Get your inner vision and outer choices/actions in alignment. Get your Heart & Mind in communication and fortify the trust between them. You have been developing all of the above and going forward, you will find out how much expansion you can currently handle.

The Venus Circle has been initiated and I invite anyone interested in checking in on a monthly basis and the next call is WED/April 19thTheme: PISCES/Earth Star Chakra. This cycle is just beginning and already proving to be life-changing for everyone. You can Subscribe or Drop-In Monthly for an infusion of Divine Feminine energy, guidance & support! Each month, we work with a different Sign & Chakra, spending the first 9-months *releasing* to create space for the final 9-months when we focus on *reclaiming*~in this case, Aries/Capricorn = Independent, Free & Responsible, Protected & Stable. We are up-leveling our values & priorities around who we are as individuals, so that we can be more clear about who we are in relationship & community. It has evolved over the last 8-years ~ join us and connect with your own Venus/Divine Feminine Inner Power! What are you cultivating at this time? If you want to dive even deeper, the Reading + Custom Guide is great individual support for the entire cycle. If you are interested in possible partial Scholarship or Sliding Scale, please eMail me directly.

4/14 ~ Sun (essential self & core drives) ~conjunct~ Uranus (disruption & liberation):
This energy serves to provoke a radical shift within you, catalyzing the desire to breathe fresh, clean, new vital energy into your idea of who you are and what you came to contribute (this lifetime). It may not be comfortable, but it is necessary and even moreso for those of you who are rigid in your habits & thinking, or depend on others to validate who you are and the value of your contribution. Sometimes a little disruption serves to get you focused on what is really important to you. And at this time, change is in the air. It is far better to use the intensity of collective change to shift on personal levels, rather than try to go it alone or worse, play the martyr or victim. It’s time for your most unique & brilliant Self to contribute the piece that only you can. This activation may bring the suddenly clarity you need and a refreshed attitude toward life, which can help tremendously as you fortify the connection to what makes you feel truly free & independent. If you resist the shift, you will manifest other disruptions that are far less productive, much more frustrating and significantly more costly. This is another activation to keep in mind my old adage: When you change, everyone/thing around you automatically has to change or go away. It is the nature of our personal evolution, to grow and evolve in our thinking so our responses to life shift accordingly. Now is one of those times in history that can act as fuel & support for our little human changes, or it can totally overwhelm the little human system but we do have a choice.

*BONUS* ~ ENERGETIC SUPPORT ~ March 20 – April 20, 2017
3/20 ~ Spring Equinox 2017 ~ … is about Initiating the Renewal of Life & Light, Re-Birth & Resurrection. Vital energies & resources are now more readily available. It’s time to plant seeds & initiate projects that will show promise by Fall. It is the first re-balancing of the Light, coming from a predominantly Internal/Dark/Shadow/Fallow time and now, we are returning to an External/Light/Fertile time. Spring & Fall activate literal *Balance*, equal Light & Darkness, equal Day & Night. Equinoxes to be times of Change, Movement, Choices & Decisions.
3/27 ~ ARIES New Moon ~  This New Moon activates the rebirth of Spring within you, the individual. You have access to a clean slate, new beginning at this time, so what seeds will you plant this year? How have you evolved in the last year? What do you want to create, in form, by Fall and the Aries Full Moon (10.5.2017)?
4/11 ~ LIBRA Full Moon ~  This Full Moon will illuminate any imbalances within you and/or toxic relationships with others. It is also the culmination of the seeds you planted at the Libra New Moon (9.30.2016). What kind of partnerships and/or support have you cultivated over the last 6-months? How would you like to go forward lighter?

MISC Retrogrades ~
2/6 ~ Jupiter Rx LIBRA ~ It is time to edit your personal Story and review your current Beliefs around love, partnership, collaboration & relationships in general. How can you expand & improve in this dept?
3/4 ~ Venus Rx ARIES ~ It is time to review your values & priorities where your Identity & Purpose are concerned. How have your desires & deeper motivations shifted over the last 18-mo to 8-yrs?
4/5 ~ Saturn Rx SAG ~ It is time to review, reorganize & restructure your Reality and what you believe to be possible for you, your friends, family, community & the world. How can you simplify some things and expand other possibilities?
4/9 ~ Mercury Rx TAURUS ~ It is time to review your ideas, thoughts & concepts around your creature comforts, preferences & personal needs. How have you perpetuated some kind of famine within/around you?
4/20 ~ Pluto Rx CAPRICORN ~ Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth & transformation and when it Retrogrades be prepared to allow some part of you or your life to “die” … and be transformed anew. There is a part of your Self which is connecting to your deepest desires. However, in order to manifest them, you will have to clear some debris from your life right now. Pluto is here to assist you in attaining that ultimate goal. Ready or not, it is time for you to move on to the next level. The more you resist it, the harder it will be.

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