May 21 – 27, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Upcoming Events

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North Node in LEO: May 2017 – Nov 2018 ~
Join us as we review what this means for us in general and for those of you with Leo/Aquarius and Taurus/Scorpio, this will be affecting you all most directly. Nodes are not planets but points in the sky and they activate the Eclipse Cycles. March 2016, we finished the Libra/Aries Eclipses, and the last of the Virgo/Pisces Eclipses was in Feb 2017. Now, the rest of 2017 and 2018 are dominated by all (but one) Leo/Aquarius Eclipses. This theme activates us as a collective, however, if you have Nodes in Leo/Aquarius, this is activating your personal Life Path. The last time we experienced Leo/Aquarius Eclipses was 2008-2009, and before that, 1998-2000. Look for any patterns.

Solar Eclipses activate your physical body, while Lunar Eclipses activate your emotional body, together, your spiritual body should go to a completely new level. Leo/Aquarius represents the highest potential for humans and humanity; their energies represent the electro-magnetic connection of the *Heart* ~ linking all life to the core of Mother Earth, as well as all the way out to our protective shield surrounding the planet. See how the heart IS the connection between personal & global? Aquarius has to integrate the self-love lesson of Leo, in order to make its unique contribution to the community and reminds you to think outside the box (Aquarius/Uranus) & follow your heart (Leo/Sun) for the betterment of all. We need both. We are both. We have both in our charts somewhere. At this time of immense & powerful shifts, we can only do our individual work (being heart-centered & connected to source energy) because THAT IS our primary contribution to the collective work (honoring the planet & the heartbeat that links all life).

Consider …
· What were you going through during the last Leo/Aquarius Eclipses? (see years above)
· Who you were/are, your sense of Self and belonging within your community? (then/now)
· What were you Creating? Expressing? Experiencing? (then and now)
· How were you opening up to a new level of existence? (then and now)
· How was your love life? friendships? activities within the community? (then and now)
· What was JUST beginning to be ignited within you? (then and now)
· Did you make the connection that you needed to start living a more heart-centered life?
· Were you fired up about some new direction your life was taking? (then and now)
· How is the second decade of the new millennium shaping up for you? (then and now)

5/25 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):
This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. You’ve probably already felt it coming (the shift in your relationship or financial situation), well, it’s here now, so you can be proactive on your own behalf or you can suffer the consequences of postponing the inevitable. (You may have heard me say: Pay now or pay double later. That applies to this transit too.) The natural reaction may be to try to hold on to the job or relationship, but try not to give in to that temptation. Pluto intensifies everything and the more you resist the necessary purification & change that Pluto brings, the more painful it usually is. It is better to clarify your values & priorities and choose change, rather than have it forced (more Pluto) upon you. Either way, once the dust settles, you should be better off because things either change for the better or go away altogether making room for something new and more in-alignment with your values & priorities of ‘now’.

5/25 ~ GEMINI Super New Moon  -and- 6/9 ~ SAGITTARIUS Full Moon ~
You can use the Gemini New Moon (5/25) to initiate new self-expression, ideas & thought patterns. You’re working with new information about your Self, as well as your world. As you recognize that, the Sag Full Moon (6/9) illuminates your personal Truth in a way that releases the old Story of your life completely. You will know, on a deep Soul Level, that it is time to step fully in to your new Story and embody your Authentic Truth a little more than ever before. This month supports process & assimilation exercises. What have you learned or discovered? that you now need to integrate as a true, earned *knowing*. If you do not integrate the changes you’ve been through, the choices you’ve made, the knowledge you’ve learned & the wisdom you’ve earned, then they never convert from ideas-to-bricks in a Base that supports you (of your own creation). Many will stay in ‘overwhelm’ or go even deeper at this point because this much information, that does NOT get filed or deleted, WILL overwhelm the system. Gemini time is a good time to review & explore the ideas, concepts & perceptions that have been revealed over the last 3-6-9-12 months. Choose ideas that have life & vitality, choose ideas that *feel* right from your Heart-Center, choose ideas that expand your life, rather than limit it. Simplify, prioritize & re-distribute your energy & resources.

The Sacred Season of Summer Solstice is About the …
Integration of Light & Expansion of Life
As You Connect to the Root Chakra of the Earth &
Access the Maximum Light of Summer Solstice,
You will Anchor Your Light Body &
Integrate Divinity into Your Daily Life

Join Shanta Gabriel & Kelly Beard
for Live Circle + Teleconference
@The Silk Road Chai Shop
105 E Alma Street – Mt Shasta, CA
TUE/June 20, 2017
Live Circle Gathers:
@7:30pm-9:00pm (pacific)
Live Teleconference Begins:
@8:00pm (pacific) / 11:00pm (eastern)
Can’t make it Live? It’ll be recorded & sent to all who register.

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*NOTE* We are deeply grateful that all donations will support this
*Magical Trinity* of Shanta, Kelly & the Silk Road Chai Shop.

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About Kelly M. Beard + I have been an astrologer since 1996. My mission + focus continues to evolve, through spiritual, intuitive and now, shamanic astrology where I have created an ongoing active practice of consciously working with the available energies, natural earthly rhythms + ongoing planetary cycles to guide + direct my life. We develop a relationship with Self, Earth + Sky thru simple awareness + conscious co-creation. As we develop a rhythm to our individual active practice, strengthened + fortified by the group energy, we learn how to create space for magic, miracles + more synchronicities to take place in our lives. Together, we consciously co-create with: ~ Natural Earthly Rhythms (8 Sacred Seasons) ~ Ongoing Planetary Cycles (Alignments + Activations) ~ Available Energetic Support (Angels, Ancestors + Animal Guides)
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