Feb 4 – 10, 2018: Weekly Forecast + Venus TeleCircle

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2/4 ~ Aquarius Gate of Power/Imbolc Cross Qtr/MidPoint of Winter & Spring 2018:
February always brings the MidPoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It’s a 6-week period that we can dedicate to igniting the spark of inspiration to guide the new year and strengthen our renewed connection to Life. Cross Quarters are considered the Gates of Power ~ the in between/the midpoint between the Solstices and Equinoxes. This is the *Sweet Spot* between Seed and New Life. This particular one is about PURIFICATION through Fire & Water … preparing a space for pure, new energy. This is a good time to pause, reflect and receive guidance directly from Divine Spirit. It’s also a good time to clean and take inventory. What do you have and what do you need? This is the second of *8* Sacred Seasons, a time of INVITING the Renewal of the Light. This is the season dedicated to the process of nurturing the intentions you set for the new year at Winter Solstice and hope to see sprout by Spring.

In order to create anew, sacrifices & changes must be made. This time of the year coincides with several celebrations, when many cultures give up something cherished in an effort to cleanse and clear a space for renewed growth, within your Being and your environment. This is about clearing a space for the NEW to come in. (It is useful and effective to prepare as if it has already arrived.) As you stretch and awaken this season, you will have many revelations that you can use as fuel for your Creative Fire! Get moving when necessary and be still when you can. Try to stay neutral ~ neither getting overly excited about success, nor excessively discouraged by defeat.

Reflect deeply on the (raw) Truth of who you ARE – who you have cultivated, from the inside-out, and then ask your Self if the Life & Being you’ve created (thus far) FEELS Authentic? Think: Aquarius/Unique-Individual-Rebel-Radically Different-Ahead of Your Time.

Is the ‘Life/Being’ you’ve created physically sustainable? Is it energetically fulfilling? Keep in mind, this season will culminate in August 2018, so ~ what would you like to create by then? What do you want to be able to express by then? Think: Leo/Love-Creativity-Play-Heart-Courage.

2/4 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~square~ Jupiter (expansion & consciousness):
This energy is a happy-go-lucky kind of energy that doesn’t really want to be bothered with the mundane, however, you must not allow that passing energy to get you so off track that it costs you more than it is worth. If you don’t have any pressing obligations, then this will be a fun, relaxing time, possibly with friends having some fun. However, if you have work to do, make sure it gets done first so you can truly enjoy yourself without the worry of the pile being bigger when you return. Watch the excesses as well, food, drink and/or spending. On a deeper level, you may have to make some adjustments in your relationships or finances. Jupiter always reveals the excess or where we make things ‘bigger’ (consciously or not). This activation usually helps us realign our true priorities with our grandest vision for the future.

2/6 ~ Venus (relationships, love & money) ~sextile~ Uranus (clarity & inspiration):
This energy, thanks to Uranus, activates a certain spark of electricity in the air. New relationships will have an unusual aspect to them and old ones can break-to-realign in a positive, even fun way with this energy. No monotonous routine, humdrum people or boring collaborations with this one. Use it to access your unique genius and deep well of creativity and then share if you can, with other like-hearted Souls. Take advantage of this energy to tap into areas you may not have realized were available to you before. Keep it light and upbeat; socialize and enjoy the experience of different people or new activities. Keep in mind, however, any relationships begun this week may not be based on qualities needed for long term survival. It is more a time to enjoy the people and experiences that pass through at this time and accept this gift!

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2/10 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~square~ Jupiter (imagination & truth):
This is a powerful energy and with that comes the necessity of discernment – it provokes you to get lots of things accomplished and that’s a good thing, however, beware of taking on more than you can actually handle. Having said that now, if you need that little “push” to get some things done, this is just the energy for you. It carries with it the optimism necessary to allow you to go beyond your norm and stretch in new ways. Sometimes there can be a tendency toward self-righteousness with this energy, but try to make it “self-directed” and you will benefit greatly. Walk your talk, embody your Truth. However, if you turn it on others, demanding they believe what you believe, you may have some difficulties. Be open & receptive, have a don’t-know mind because you never know what you may learn along the way that could really help you, now or in the future.

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About Kelly M. Beard + KarmicTools.com: I have been an astrologer since 1996. My mission + focus continues to evolve, through spiritual, intuitive and now, shamanic astrology where I have created an ongoing active practice of consciously working with the available energies, natural earthly rhythms + ongoing planetary cycles to guide + direct my life. We develop a relationship with Self, Earth + Sky thru simple awareness + conscious co-creation. As we develop a rhythm to our individual active practice, strengthened + fortified by the group energy, we learn how to create space for magic, miracles + more synchronicities to take place in our lives. Together, we consciously co-create with: ~ Natural Earthly Rhythms (8 Sacred Seasons) ~ Ongoing Planetary Cycles (Alignments + Activations) ~ Available Energetic Support (Angels, Ancestors + Animal Guides)
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