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Kelly M Beard

I’ve been an astrologer since 1996, studying planetary cycles & patterns. I’ve studied Spiritual, Intuitive and now Shamanic Astrology, which is where I feel I have found my home base. It integrates above, below & the connection between the two. Essentially, I’ve learned that the sky pattern matters (Above). Your time on Earth matters (Below). Your individual chart matters (You). You ARE the connection between Above & Below!

I have been researching the planetary cycles & how they feel or manifest in the individual’s physical reality. Along the way, I have discovered what works and created a couple of really supportive custom tools to help people understand their own unique blueprint and subsequent rhythms & patterns. As we get in-sync with Mother Nature’s rhythm, improving our personal rhythm and understanding the social/collective rhythms gets easier too. There are many planetary cycles that coincide with natural life cycles and allow you to co-create in mystical, as well as practical ways.

My Venus Cycle Story illustrates my point perfectly. I started Cosmic Switchboard in 1999 and Karmic Tools in 2007 and here I am rebirthing again in 2015. I went from wanting to share all that I was learning, as well as those I was learning from ~ to focusing on my own service, which evolved into creating Tools to help everyday folks understand their own cycles & patterns better without necessarily having to learn the entire astrological language. Now, I want to specialize and do something unique & different. Well, there is no better cycle than Venus in LEO to work on your unique contribution that supports a heart-centered life.

This cycle happens to coincide with a 19-year Life Path (North Node) in my family as my only son is going to college. I am taking extra care and intentional solitude at this time to consciously clear out the last cycle and make room for the new one to unfold. I’m not sure where I will go from here but I am so excited about the possibilities!
Stay Tuned!
July 2015

Well, two monumentally, life-changing years later … KarmicTools.com went down on 4.27.2017 and I’ve decided to create KellyMBeard.com because Shamanic Astrology is not the only thing I do ; -) If you’ve been following along, then you know the last Venus Cycle in LEO inspired me to be more authentic and specialize. (Mama is a jack-of-all-trades but it’s time to focus and go ‘narrow & deep’ -as my teacher PixieLightHorse would say ; -)) and with the current Venus Cycle in ARIES, it’s time to just do it! Leo is about what it looks like, what it radiates outward but Aries is all about what it is, what it does and how we initiate anything … on faith that the Path will unfold organically before us.
As it happens, that is how it is unfolding for me. My new *Empty Nest* status allows me to finally do what I’ve done on the calls in the virtual world, live in-person now. Remember, ‘at the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you‘! Once it got real to me that I hold Sacred Space and Commune with the Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides, the Universe started presenting places for me to do that live in-person.
I consciously chose to travel around Jan 1, 2017 – the first day of a One Year – because I wanted to travel & practice before I launch my own Sacred Events. So Spirit sent me for an extended stay in New Orleans at Spring Equinox, to Mount Shasta for Summer Solstice and my first Yoga Retreat right after Fall Equinox in Mississippi. I have invitations beyond the US too, collaborating with others in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii & Ireland – they are all calling me. I always say ‘the Angels are my Travel Agents’ and boy, are they GOOD!!
So … we’ll see how it goes & I will keep you posted on my evolution here. Thanks for checking in and being part of my larger Power Circle Community!
Much Love & Many Blessings,
May 2017

*My new logo uses a real wolf photo by Ray Hennessy.


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