Nov 19 – 25, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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11/19 ~ Mars (lower will) ~square~ Pluto (Higher will):
This is a test of what you are made of, on the deepest core level, and will require surrender as well as focus. This energy challenges you to evolve and will make you want to push through all obstacles but you must be careful not to be so aggressive that you are stepping on anyone to get where you’re going. This is a potent energy that can facilitate major transformation in your life if you know who you are, what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there – that includes parts of your Self that may need to shift to be more effective. This energy can bring power struggles, within or without, so be mindful because this energy is affecting everyone at this time. This is the time to tie up any loose ends if you are close to beginning anew. If you do not finish what you already have in the works, it may get in the way of things you want to do in the future. It is time to align your true inner power with balanced outer actions & choices.

11/21 ~ Venus (relationships) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):
This energy deepens all emotions and strengthens bonds & attachments. Friendships & love relationships become much deeper and, sometimes more intense, not to mention any physical (sexual) experience. Being fake or superficial is never possible when Pluto is involved, and because Venus is involved, we’re talking relationships or how you relate in general, so if you are needing to dig a little deeper with someone, you are supported. This energy can facilitate positive transformation in your relationships, partnerships or collaborations. It will give you added power to help you change what needs changing or at least get it on the table for deeper discussion or a clearing conversation. Your emotional intensity may be at an unusually high level, so be sure to surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally or try to be alone and just reflect on what you’re feeling.

11/22 ~ Neptune Direct & Chiron Direct (12/5) in PISCES ~
If the Moon represents the individual womb, then Neptune is the collective womb. When it retrogrades annually, we are given an opportunity consciously develop something, usually related to healing & wholeness. The retrogrades always encourage us to go within and heal, make-whole or integrate something critical to our well-being. What healing have you been working on personally, since June/July? Chiron represents the core wound and the education we glean from our search for the cure (resolution). What have you learned about your own personal healing process in last 6-mos that can empower you now? Chiron teaches that we are both the doctor & the patient, we carry the issues but we also carry the antidote that will bring balance & harmony back into our Being. These two have been working together for several years now, dissolving old dreams and illusory boundaries, leaving us raw & naked, in a new world trying to find our place & purpose now. How’s it going? Because although Neptune still has more dissolving to do, Chiron’s healing purpose is about to shift next year. We have been learning about how intuition works and what constitutes good boundaries that protect our little individual human selves in a world that is ever-expanding. We have expanded our consciousness in immeasurable ways, but our human bodies still operate more/less the same, so taking care of the vehicle becomes paramount to succeeding at manifesting the dream. Now, Chiron is going to start working through Aries to cultivate true individual purpose & stability, which will naturally force us to also master conscious equal partnership. Everything is in relationship! Which relationships do you want to strengthen & cultivate so they support you better? What within you has to heal & become strong in order to maintain a healthy, reciprocal relationship?

11/25 ~ Mercury (voice) ~trine~ Uranus (individuality):
(1 of 3: 11/25 ~ 12/10 ~ 1.6.2018)
This activation gives you access to your Higher Mind and opens the way for new, deeper insights that can guide & direct you at this time. Business as usual will not work, it’s time to open up to the unusual, do something different, look at things from another angle and watch the ah-ha’s start pouring in. Your intuition will be firing on all cylinders, giving you access to unprecedented clarity. While your thinking may lack discipline, your ability to access solutions to any recent (or long-standing) challenges will be off the charts. This energy will not be contained, even though it is generally all mental, you may have a hard time keeping up with the ideas, thoughts, concepts & intuitions that come to you under this influence so try to take notes that you can refer to later when the grounding will be necessary. Pay attention to the messages that come through/from others as well since you never know how the Universe will show up. This alone is an indication that whatever your consciousness may not have been previously ready to assimilate or process is awakening now to that which is just for you!

Mercury Enters SAG ~ Nov 5 – Jan 11, 2018 {Rx: 12/3 ~ Dir: 12/22}
This is a reminder that for most of Nov/Dec we are under the influence of Mercury traversing our Sag House and provoking us to review the entire year of 2017 to see what we’ve learned. What was true at the beginning of the year that is no longer true? And what was not true at the beginning of 2017 that is now true (or in form)? We are so supported for this evolution of consciousness, which is what is happening. Once your consciousness expands, you cannot un-know what you know, your life organically shifts but if you consciously co-create with this time, it shifts faster and with more ease & grace. So despite the American Holidays and the usual chaos of the season, be sure to allow yourself little pockets of time to process your personal year and what Story you’d like to ultimately tell about the year 2017. As a One Year, we can all look to what got started, where we took our first steps and where we need faith.

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Nov 13, 2017: Note from Kelly

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Join Us for the …
NEXT *FREE* TeleCircle:
Jupiter in SCORPIO + Gate of Power
rescheduled* for FRI/Nov 17th
(pacific) / @8pm (eastern)
Register HERE & Donate  HERE

Can’t make it Live? It’ll be recorded & sent to all who register.

If you registered the first time, you have already received the NEW Access Info for Friday night’s call. If you did not register the first time, please register this time and submit your Birth Date/Time/Place.

Hi All ~
Well, the Trickster won this one, this time ;/ Of course, I cannot duplicate the *magic* that we all experienced on the 8th but I can open up for it to come through again (I Trust). I am re-scheduling the call for this coming FRI/Nov 17th @8pm (eastern). This will be a potent night too! It is deep in the Scorpio New Moon *zone* so we will be planting all those seeds we discussed, together! Yummmm!

I know this will be a lot for those of you who were on the call live that night to listen all over again but those of you who missed the call, perhaps this timing will work better for you! I had put out the disclaimer in the beginning of that call that we would probably go 75-min and ultimately it ended up closer to 90-min, which is much more than my usual 45-60 min calls because this is the time of year when we do the most Divinations. And because I want you to receive your own guidance, we do go through them together.

Also, I find value in having the audio to refer back to (which is why I have to do a do-over) and I will ultimately break the audio into segments for you (Overview, Guidance & Tarot) so that you can go back to the parts that resonated most. The Guidance & Tarot are pieces you will get more out of every time you listen, and it can/will be relevant for at least the next 6-weeks. You will also feel little *pings* from the Universe in Feb during the Leo Gate and results of the seeds you plant now, will be very obvious by May during the Taurus Gate.

Finally, I am eternally grateful to my core Circle who rolls with me throughout all these kind of loop-de-loops on the Kelly-Coaster … weeeeeee! and for those of you I’ve just recently connected with, this “loss of recording” literally has not happened to me in several years and is extremely rare so I hope you will try again next time. I try to have a FREE call once a month, however, with the holidays and certain times of year, it is not always possible, though Shanta & I almost always have a Winter Solstice call so we can look forward to that in Dec ; –)

Blessings & Gratitude,

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Nov 12 – 18, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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11/13 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (truth & story):
This is an extremely powerful energy that makes you very aware or present to the fact that both your values and your Truth are shifting. There is an expansion in both your financial and relationship departments. Sometimes, it can bring in some material abundance, but that usually happens when the foundation is already solid. This energy is generally pleasant because it is about expanding your sense of authentic beauty, as in nature and the interrelatedness of all living things. There is an energy of enthusiasm around new or growing relationships or projects, which effortlessly attracts more positive energy. This is the best time to create and expect miracles!

11/13 ~ Mercury (communication) ~square~ Neptune (dissolution):
This is a mixed blessing energy. On one hand, it’s good for spiritual study and giving your dreams a little energy (if your schedule permits). On the other hand, it makes for major miscommunications between people. Try to think before speaking, because if it’s possible to misunderstand or not ‘get it‘ altogether, it will happen this week. Be careful not to let “longing” for your dreams to come true, distort your judgment and mislead you into believing the illusion. With this energy, some people will deliberately deceive, while others have to be careful not to be misled. Stick to the facts or stay quiet, for now. You may even be inclined to withhold information to avoid a confrontation – don’t do it. Communicate with your Self and God today, otherwise plan to be very clear in explaining yourself to others (humans) so there are no misunderstandings.

11/16 ~ Venus (relationships) ~trine~ Neptune (vision):
This is a very supportive energy for dreaming your world into being! Allow your imagination some latitude to wander and see where it leads. You may feel very connected to others and what they are going through. You may have a very spiritual encounter with another, friend, family or lover, but only time will tell if it is Neptune playing tricks on you or it is truly a spiritual union or connection.

11/17 ~ Mercury (expression) ~sextile~ Mars (passion):
This is a healthy selfish energy (aka self-preservation). Do not hold back this week. If you have a big dream or serious goal you have been working toward, then this is the time that may attract the assistance you need from the Universe. This is definitely a “work” energy, however, it brings with it the caveat that it is best if you work alone on something important to you. No one else is (or ever will be) as dedicated to your goal as YOU will be, nor should you expect them to be. You are now connected to the extra energy it takes to push your goals to the next level, bringing you a sense of accomplishment while outlining the next tasks to be done. Opportunities present themselves all the time, all you have to do is be ready!! If you are given the opportunity to make a presentation, go for it! Your clarity, energy & enthusiasm will be unmatched and that’s what people respond to. Don’t choose this time to be “shy” or doubt that you’re ready – you are definitely ready … otherwise you wouldn’t be here!! One of my favorite quotes is: “At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you!” It’s time to decide if you are committed and how truly committed you are, to your own success & well-being.

11/18 ~ SCORPIO New Moon:
This Scorpio New Moon is really powerful for *seeding* your deepest, soul-level desires. This is an annual opportunity to return to the Infinite Void (conception point) and set some completely new intentions. This year is particularly potent as it coincides with Jupiter in Scorpio for the first time in 12-years. There is also additional energy available at this time from your Invisible support team of Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides who walk with you always. This New Moon opens a portal of sorts, one that allows us to align with the ultimate power of transformation, transcending the current form, on Individual Sun/Moon levels, as well as Social/Collective levels with Jupiter involved. And because the form is being seeded at this time, you may not exactly know what the logistics (3D) are, but you can connect with the *Essence* of what you want to co-create ~ the essence of what you want to feel ~ the essence of what you want your Earthly Experience to be! Connect to that *Essence* ~ Connect to the level of authentic power that your individual system can handle at this time ~ Connect to that which you want to bring to Life, that which you want to bring from Invisible Form (Scorpio), in to Visible Form (Taurus) in a way that serves you and benefits others, while harming none. Then, do your Power Wishes/Scorpio Intentions around initiating another Annual Cycle of Transformation & Manifestation. Jupiter in Scorpio is expanding the possibilities as we speak, that enable us to combine our deepest core values with our most expanded vision for humanity! One individual at a time.

This New Moon asks us to get *congruent* with our inner & outer selves and renew our commitment to positive change. All of this speaks to the new realms emerging in place of all that has crumbled in recent years. Many sprouts of your hard work are breaking ground, and if not, I suspect that a clearing is in the works so it won’t be long (hang in there). As you’re setting your New Moon intentions, consider how you *feel* about the Pluto issues: death, power, sex and money (among many others). Renew your hope, faith and commitment to pure motivations and responsible power for one & all. The Scorpio New Moon is another reminder that *seeds germinate in the darkness*. Scorpio time is also the most potent time of the year to plant those seeds, plus it is increasingly aided by the larger themes & cycles converging (fertilizing) at this time! It’s all connected ~ Access Your Power, Focus, Trust, Dedicate & BE PRESENT!

Scorpio/Sag time is the best time of year to do Divinations and ask for guidance from your Invisible Support Team. Consider reaching out to get an Astro/Tarot Reading ($100/mp3 + appt), Sacred Season/Crossing Borders Reading ($25/pdf only) or the Monthly Audio Update ($10/mp3 only). I am so grateful to serve in this way and look forward to connecting with you directly! Blessings & Gratitude, Kelly

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Nov 5 – 11, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Update from Kelly

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11/5 ~ Mercury enters Sag (until 1.11.2018):
… to assist you with your review for the last 3-9 months. It is the final review of the year and in Sag, supports the editing of the Old Story and writing of (or preparing to write) a completely New Story going forward in 2018. It’s an excellent time to process & integrate all that you learned about your Self, others & the world throughout the year 2017. Clarify fact from fiction, truth from perception and wisdom from information and then tap into your own vision & faith to start living your most authentic life.
*NOTE* — Retro: 12/3 ~ Direct: 12/22 ~ into Capricorn: 1/11/2018

11/8 ~ SCORPIO Gate of Power:
This completes the 8 Sacred Seasons of the Solar Year. You’ve done all you can do for the last 10+ months and now you must surrender. You have been intuitively guided and completely supported the whole time … whether you were aware of it or not. The Angels, Ancestors and Animal Spirit Guides should be honored and will be more accessible for communing with at this time of the year. You can ask for their guidance on the lesson & purpose of certain events or experiences of the past year and/or you can ask for guidance on how to proceed during the coming year because during this time of year, reflection on the past and rumination on the future commingle.

It is a time to ‘Honor the Dead’ which can apply to friends and family who are no longer on this plane of existence with us, though their essence never dies and often becomes more accessible at this time. Or it can also apply to your Being, your creative projects, cycles in your life that are now complete. After completion, clearing & release, it is an especially good time to sit with the empty space for a period of time. This is an infinitely potent time in-between ~ a place, also referred to as the “Sweet Spot” – that very thin membrane between *Seed & New Life*. Plant your seeds of the future during this dark time and be still, listen, invite Life. This 6-week period prior to Winter Solstice has the longest nights, implying rest, work behind closed doors and moving through any personal darkness. It is time to restore strength and prepare for the Light’s return, when things will again begin to quicken.

*SCORPIO* represents the most potent time of the year …
Scorpio as ruled by Mars asks, What do you deeply desire?
Scorpio as ruled by Pluto asks, What are you willing to sacrifice to have that desire fulfilled?

Are you willing to … *SACRIFICE* …
~ skepticism … for critical thinking? ~
~ fear … for love? ~
~ doubt … for faith? ~
~ poverty consciousness … for abundance? ~
~ groundless low self-esteem … for knowing who you are? ~
~ false pride … for true confidence? ~

This is the time when the life/death/life cycle is at work, highlighting the area of your life where you may experience an ending and subsequent new beginning; this is also the most potent energy to create with, so be co-creative, pro-active and watch your thoughts & inner dialogues. This also represents karma, which can be actual karma (results of your actions, choices & decisions) or simply the results of your Fall Harvest ~ all that you have created for the year and how well it will serve your needs thru the Winter into the new year.

11/9 ~ Sun (core identity) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):
This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now. It’s great for purifying, cleaning & clearing your personal space, as well as organizing your life in general. You may have to examine the “big picture” to see where an adjustment, for the good of all involved, is necessary. If you’re not feeling up to working on outer issues, this also gives you the opportunity to do some introspective thinking and deep self-reflection. Superficial once-overs will not do, you must address the root cause for where you find yourSelf at this time in your life and decide if it is working for you or against you.

11/11 ~ Saturn (structure & reality) ~trine~ Uranus (liberation & freedom):
This is a somewhat rare, potent and generally positive activation between two very different planets. Saturn rules structure, boundaries, limits, time and building a foundation, while Uranus is all about radical change, innovative ideas, forward-thinking & (often sudden) awakening of consciousness. One wants to stick with the tried ‘n true, while the other is always trying to improve things by pushing beyond those original ideas and expanding them in brilliant ways. Saturn will make an appointment, while Uranus always shows up unannounced. But if you think back to 2008-2010 when they were in opposition to one another, you may remember some extremes between the old and the new trying to find that middle ground that honors what is stable about the original, but allows for creative change that, while disruptive initially, leads to great things we would never consider if we didn’t think outside the box a little. Because this is an easy angle, you basically have access to a delicious combo of patience & dedication, along with revolutionary new ideas & positive change. However, the caveat with all trines is that it’s going so smoothly that you don’t consciously co-create. You don’t want to do that with these two because they directly affect both your reality and your freedom. If you had a hard time with the opposition in 2008-2010 or the square from 1999-2000, then look at this one as earned blessings and take advantage of creating order out of the chaos stirred up from those years. If you take advantage of this opportunity, then the next set of challenges (square in 2021) will go more smoothly and be more productive. If not, you may have heard me say ‘pay now or pay double later’ which would apply to this.

*See last week’s Weekly Forecast for Events happening this week.
**Click Here for Invitation, Details & Bonus Goodies

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Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Upcoming Events

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11/2 ~ Shanta Gabriel’s Light Circle ~ TAURUS Full Moon Teleconference @5pm (pacific):
If you need/want more energetic support & guidance, each month, Shanta channels a message from the Archangels that supports our theme of the month. Plus, she hosts a Full Moon Teleconference (that I also contribute to), which is also designed to support us energetically throughout the month. Having the Archangels and their guidance & support is invaluable and Shanta is a *stellar* channel, who brings through a powerful & rich message every time … and every time, it’s on-time! Then, she follows that with a delicious meditation that helps us integrate the Archangels’ message & the Full Moon Light, into our bodies.
Drop IN or Subscribe ($14) HERE

11/3 ~ Venus (relationships) ~sextile~ Saturn (responsibility):
This energy has to do with your obligations within the context of relationships. They are not difficult obligations (in this case) but more emphasis is placed on enjoying serving those you love. This is also what I would call the “keep it real” energy, regarding relationships. This energy makes you want to really sit down and define your terms within your relationships (which I am a total advocate of). It’s really hard to grow to the next level when each person is not clear on what the other expects. Of course, this starts with you knowing what you want/don’t want and what you are willing to compromise about so you can articulate that clearly.

11/3 ~ Sun (authentic Self) ~trine~ Neptune (intuition):
This energy triggers your idealistic, altruistic inclinations, but remember that help has to be invited. But if you have the energy to share & to spare, then dedicate your Self to something greater than you. Choose a cause to support or help those less fortunate for the sheer pleasure of giving. If your energy is low at this time, it is better directed inward. If you can, take some extra time in intentional solitude, praying, meditating and connecting to Spirit this week, you will be rewarded with deep revelations & mystical discoveries within you. It’s a great time to do divinations, ritual or ceremony if you’re into that. Your intuition is heightened also, so pay attention to any ‘messages’ that come through or to you. Try to use this energy to reflect on where you are and dream a little about where you want to be, mentally, spiritually and physically in 6-months to a year from now.

11/4 ~ Venus (values) ~oppose~ Uranus (freedom):
Any time Uranus is involved, it becomes the “wild card” and hard to predict how things will unfold, but right now there is a push-pull between your apparent values and your unique individual self (or new aspect of your Self that is trying to emerge). Venus also represents relationships, so you may begin an unusual relationship or you may have something unusual happen in an established relationship. It is not necessarily a “good/bad” thing, as much as an unpredictable shift or sudden awareness, which requires some adjustment, compromise and/or integration. This energy works beautifully if your personal Truth and individual values are in alignment. It will be very disruptive if they are not. Be open and flexible, while looking for the win/win situation for all involved.

11/8 ~ Kelly’s FREE TeleCircle @8pm (eastern) ~ SCORPIO Gate of Power + Jupiter:
Join us as we celebrate the SCORPIO Gate of Power and close 2017, both as a community and as conscious individuals, and prepare to initiate 2018 strong. There has been a bit of an “end of an era” vibe going on in 2017. Have you felt the permanent change within and around you? I am setting some incredible intentions myself for this Gate of Power and I am so excited to have Jupiter’s Blessing. Please consider joining me to honor a major cycle of endings & new beginnings that puts us all in brand new, unchartered territory in so many ways. Let’s initiate clean!
Join Us! Register HERE

11/15 ~ Kelly’s Venus TeleCircle @8pm (eastern) ~ SCORPIO/Crown Chakra/Release:
You’re invited to join us as we shed yet another layer of the Old Self this month, ala Venus in Scorpio. Since her Retrograde early in 2017, we have been clearing, chakra-by-chakra, anything blocking the Emergent Self, the next level of who you are and what you want and the values & priorities that support that in the here & now. Think of it this way, your values & priorities changes in small ways every 18-months (when she retrogrades) and every 8-years in big ways (when she repeats her 5-pointed Star pattern in the sky). While the focus with Venus is primarily *Love, Money & Your Magnetics* all the time ~ through the Aries lens/filter, the tools & practices are geared to support your unique evolution, as you step into your New Identity & True Purpose.
Drop IN or Subscribe ($25) HERE

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Oct 22 – 28, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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10/22 ~ Mars Enters LIBRA (until Dec 9th):
Mars spends about 2-months in each Sign, stimulating our Inner Masculine and moving the evolution along. During its recent journey through Virgo, a whole new cycle with Venus was initiated. A potent blend of Masculine/Feminine within and around us got anchored in Virgo, facilitating more Trust/Discernment and Body/Spirit Integration, where our personal desires & priorities are concerned. Now, we move forward, recognizing any imbalance and restoring balance everywhere possible. This is a great time to ground your intent for how you would like to take more effective action, on your own behalf, within your relationships, partnerships & collaborations. It’s time to access your inner balance where you have integrity & graciousness, as well as a fierceness to stand up for what you believe in. This is a time of high ideals, raising your personal standards and dreaming a little bigger. It’s easier to weigh all aspects of each circumstance or opportunity as they are presented, while working to create more beauty. Avoid indecision and getting caught up in other people’s choices & decisions, and try to focus more on your own desire to show up in relationships at a new level, going forward. Remember, when you change, everyone around you has to change too (or go away). Mars in Libra also reminds us that we will get more bees with honey and leading by example is the way to a conscious equal partnership, whether with your SoulSelf, your significant other, or anyone else. Know your Self, know what you want (ask for what you need) & shoot for win/win situations in all you do to close out the year 2017 strong!

10/24 ~ Mercury (ideas) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams):
This energy activates your creative process & intuition. You may catch yourSelf unconsciously drifting aimlessly but a better use of this combination is to open to the other realms for ideas & information and play with it, free flow, see where it leads. It is not the time for pragmatic analysis, but more a time to explore the infinite possibilities available to you, as well as what’s going on in your own consciousness. You may be more sensitive than usual, opening yourself to information or awareness that isn’t always that readily available. Remember, to keep good boundaries when *opening* like this and if you have to be around people, try to maintain the mystical, creative vibe this energy is best for.

10/26 ~ Sun (identity) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion):
Once a year, these two link up and expand your life & consciousness. It’s time to infuse your personal story with a new level of individual Truth. You have learned & experienced a lot in one year and now you are supported to integrate (and apply) all that you’ve discovered. This energy expands your sense of Self, and inspires you to new heights within. It indicates that it is time to go to the next level and gives you the optimism & faith that you need to try new things and/or learn something new. The highest expression of this energy is a fiery passion to be the best, the lowest expression is arrogance and self-righteousness. This is a powerful pair of energies joining forces, so watch for opportunities to grow and expand your consciousness, as well as your circumstances through your own efforts & expertise.
*NOTE* Because Jupiter just entered Scorpio on 10/10, this is the first/only time in 12-years that we all get to initiate or expand in the Scorpio Dept with these two potent energies working together (and by default: Taurus/Leo/Aquarius too). It may be useful to think about what was going on in your life late 2005/all of 2006, which was the last time we had access to this Jupiter/Scorpio energy.

10/27 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):
This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. You’ve probably already felt it coming (the shift in your relationship or financial situation), well, it’s here now, so you can be proactive on your own behalf or you can suffer the consequences of postponing the inevitable. (You may have heard me say: Pay now or pay double later. That applies to this transit too.) The natural reaction may be to try to hold on to the job or relationship, but try not to give in to that temptation. Pluto intensifies everything and the more you resist the necessary purification & change that Pluto brings, the more painful it usually is. It is better to clarify your values & priorities and choose change, rather than have it forced (more Pluto) upon you. Either way, once the dust settles, you should be better off because things either change for the better or go away altogether making room for something new and more in-alignment with your values & priorities of ‘now’.

10/27 ~ Mercury (communication) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):
This energy provokes the need to delve deeper into the ideas or information being presented at this time, whether personal or professional. You will want to dig deeper, ask the hard questions and gather insights that are deeper and more profound than usual. In your professional/public life, you may find yourself doing better due-diligence and in your personal/private life, you may find yourself digging a little deeper into your own mental patterns & personal history (that has led to ‘now’). As you make these connections and begin to grasp these new insights, they will gain traction and you will become more grounded in your own Truth. We all get excited about those kind of ah-ha moments, and you may find yourself wanting to share them with others who may or may not be ready to hear such deep Truths or have the conscious awareness to even process them, so use some discernment around who and when you share these new-found insights.

* Copyright © 2000-2017 * Kelly M Beard * * All Rights Reserved *
Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition
that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.

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Oct 15 – 21, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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10/15 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):
This energy tends to make your mind work in over-drive. Not that you think too much, but rather you may tend to think, speak and process information faster than usual. However, when you are moving that fast, you often overlook something vital. The negative expression of this energy tends to make you feel scattered and disorganized, but the positive side of it is making those brilliant connections that are normally just out of reach. Your perception and intuition are picking up so much in such a short period of time that you will want to review the details later to ensure you didn’t overlook something crucial to your development. You may be impatient with same-old/same-old routine but check in with your body to make sure it is not just your monkey-mind playing tricks on you. It is a good time to breathe and be flexible because if you are impatient with this energy, you are more likely to make mistakes. Anytime Uranus is involved, radical shifts and ah-ha moments are totally possible on an internal level, however, on an external level you may tend to blurt things our without proper forethought. Be sure to engage your Heart and some kind of filter, especially when communicating with others this week.

10/16 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~sextile~ Saturn (organization & structure):
This energy is good for getting serious and organized because the Sun also brings some much-needed clarity. With Saturn involved, practical actions based on responsible assessments will be rewarded, whereas, blowing things off or leaving loose ends will cost you (usually fairly immediately, the instant karma way). Even if this should happen to you, it is not personal, but Saturn’s way of showing you (immediately) where your current limitations are. That’s good info to have when making choices & decisions. This activation gives you access to self-discipline and the ability to consider all your options before deciding on anything. This is a good time to focus on your professional goals if possible, and start making a solid, feasible plan for the future. If you need to, seek the advice of a trusted wise elder (anyone with more knowledge/experience than you ; -)) And if you can’t actually DO something in the direction of your goals today, take the time to meditate and connect to your plan mentally.

10/18 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion & learning):
It is time to expand your thinking & develop more conscious awareness! This is a powerful energy assisting you on many levels. You will make connections easily & quickly that help you integrate newly acquired information or knowledge, making you appear psychic (or at least lucky) to others. At this time, you can connect with your Highest ideal and most broad outlook for your life, and you may feel that you are finally ready to live your Truth. You are so connected to your own ideal that you naturally give others permission to live their Truth as well, creating an atmosphere of tolerance that feeds all involved. The challenge with this energy is going too ‘broad’ and missing details that are vital to your success. You will also miss out on crucial information if you are too overconfident and/or self-righteous in any way. Remain humble, knowing that your way works for you, but it may not work for others (and vice versa). And it is ALL okay! If you remain centered in the Light and your own Heart, this energy gives you a little boost to whatever you are creating at this time.

10/19 ~ Libra New Moon is all about setting new intentions around conscious equal partnership, whether public or private, short-term or long-term, balance is the key. Our Guidance suggests that to honor the month of The Scales, we must weigh our personal progress against our obvious manifestations in relationships (for better or worse). It’s time to assess the strength & value of each one (one-by-one) and what kind of time, energy & resources you have and are willing to invest further with this person, situation or agreement. Soulful kinship and a sense of belonging is vital for most humans and this year, we will cultivate that more than ever. We can renegotiate as we go, at regular intervals, and I highly recommend that you do. We can be part of something without being burdened by it. We can have soulful connections without losing ourselves. We can still love each other even if/when we do not agree. It’s time to define your individual terms and start renegotiating with those who matter & releasing those who do not matter anymore.

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