July 9 – 15, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Invitation

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7/9 ~ CAPRICORN Full Moon ~ Annual Release + Invitation:
Capricorn Full Moon is the Annual opportunity to release that which you no longer want to be part of your reality or responsibility. Look to what you *Initiated* at Winter Solstice and how far you’ve progressed. What’s working? What’s not? What needs to be released? What needs to be strengthened structurally? What foundation-work needs to be done to support you better going forward? The Full Moon is shining a light in a corner for first time in a year (the Capricorn House of your chart) revealing any weaknesses or cracks in the foundation of your current focus. Whatever you *Seeded* with the Capricorn New Moon (12.29.2016) 6-months ago, has run its course and now the Full Moon shows you what is solid and can be expanded on – as well as what is weak and must be fixed, replaced or released altogether. This is the time every year when you determine what is truly feeding, nourishing, supporting & protecting you ~ on ALL levels ~ mental, physical, emotional & spiritual. Here, we are reminded that often, internal shifts precede external shifts.

It may also be good to remember the recent Cancer Super New Moon (6/23) is where we are experiencing the annual new beginning and where any Capricorn Release Self-Work will support all that you are seeding at this time. This third/final Super Moon may have intensified the energies over the last 90-days in particular, but it also brings greater *alignment* to our delicate new beginnings, which can be useful. The Cancer New Moon is always the time to *Seed* a renewed internal, personal stability, a deeper heart-knowing and a connection to quality Soul nourishment. It is time to *Initiate* something you are willing to be responsible (Capricorn) for nurturing (Cancer) to its full development and releasing to the Universe. Something born from YOU! Cancer is the BEST time to practice radical Self-Care so that you are a more reliable vehicle for bringing your creations to life! Where is the *Fertile Ground* in your life, environment or world? What basics do you need to feel loved, supported, well-fed and cared-for? Cancer/Capricorn are both about the “basics” in life, emotional & physical security, food & shelter. It’s about *feeling* what needs to be done and *doing it*, so don’t give in to emotional overwhelm & depression. Instead, as you develop a whole new way of *containing, nurturing & protecting* your life-force energy (the fuel that you eat or feed to others), you are subsequently, honoring your own feelings and innate nature. Remember, Cancer is how we feel on the inside, about the Capricorn reality we’re living on the outside so if there is a discrepancy, the New Moon is the best time to *Seed* the New Vision of support, nourishment & protection for yourself. And this Capricorn Full Moon is the best time to release anything blocking or delaying your good at this time.

You’re Invited to Shanta Gabriel’s
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MON/July 10th
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I wanted you to know about tomorrow night’s call because it perfectly supports this month’s Cancer/Capricorn energies for personal support and individual stability. I contribute to Shanta’s Monthly Full Moon Teleconference every month, however, tomorrow she will be introducing a new level of support to the world. Both of us focus a lot on individual and personal support, however, Shanta has created a beautiful base of dedicated Souls who do a sacred practice together, increasing its potency exponentially, that is dedicated to the wellbeing of the Earth and all Life. She calls it the Ashram of Life! Please join us if you feel called to this kind of kinship with others. There is delicious support for you the individual, as well as soul nutrient that fortifies you to hold space for Earth and all Life, as we all continue to rise in our frequencies.

I also wanted you to know that I am still *Off the Grid* for another week but scheduling readings for August and the next Venus Circle is scheduled for WED/July 19th (Gemini/Solar Plexus/Release). Drop In or Subscribe ($25/mo)

One final note as you dive into the few but potent activations for this week. You will see Sun oppose Pluto (7/9 – same day as our Full Moon) but there is much more to it. A Full Moon by default opposes the Sun, so we are experiencing this natural monthly opposition. What is relatively rare is Mars in Cancer (only every 2-years), which is fueling the Solar Feminine this go-round, lending energy & passion to the desire for emotional security and a sense of belonging in the world. This is directly opposite the Full Moon in Capricorn + Pluto, facilitating a general purification of your individual reality & personal responsibilities. Also, we have two asteroids (Divine Feminine) lending even more weight to this opposition. Ceres (The Mother) is in last degree of Gemini heading into Cancer too, which suggests that in addition to all of the above, we have an added layer of nourishment that is necessary for full development … working it out across from Juno (The Wife/Partner) who adds the layer of renewed commitments and a deep release from heavy obligations that you no longer need to carry forward. It’s a new day! It’s time to apply all that you have learned in recent years about navigating constant change, collective upheaval and personal evolution and still be able to prioritize for your Self. Please reach out if you feel you need support, guidance or assistance!

7/9 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~oppose~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
This energy can/will create very intense encounters with others, possibly revealing things about you which you may not have been aware of, misunderstood or have chosen to ignore thus far. This energy provokes power struggles and/or challenges with authority figures where you may have to stand up for yourself. It may also make you more aggressive, intense or over-bearing than usual, creating or attracting these kinds of situations. If there are any problems within a relationship (personal or professional), this energy will force things out into the open. It will be much easier on you, if you can open a dialogue with the express purpose of clearing the air and proceeding to a new level in your relationship, by choice. Any aspect of your life that you have been “just getting by” will now DEMAND attention; you won’t be able to do anything less than a complete overhaul or replacement (this can be ANY area of your life but the Capricorn House in particular during years 2008-2024 due to Pluto’s extended stay). Let’s put it this way, any time Pluto is involved, there is usually complete destruction of the current (x-y-z) to make room for the new & improved version that can serve you better in the here & now. This will be by the Universe’s definition, but you get a vote, you can consciously choose too! Ultimately, this is a good, growth & development type of energy/activation, pushing you to the next level … ready or not, here you come! So use the energies available to strengthen, fortify & prepare for your own personal transformation. Also consider your drives & direction about 6-months ago, and where you want to end up 6-months from now. This is an integration, that means a time when the depths of your Soul Self can commune & bond with your surface, personality, conscious Self. Like the conjunction (1.7.2017 – *see below) about 6-months ago, this is about how you direct your personal power on your own behalf, and often, breakdowns precede breakthroughs.

7/14 ~ Mercury (your voice) ~sextile~ Jupiter (expansion):
Where Sun sextile Jupiter is more about YOU, this activation is more about your mind & consciousness, your ideas, thoughts & concepts (Mercury), which Jupiter expands in some way, helping you to ‘think bigger‘, edit your personal Story and step up your game in some way. This is also a great energy to work with if you are in school, learning something new, expanding your knowledge base or gather new tools & information to support your goals. Your dreams are tapping you on the shoulder, demanding some attention. Mundane issues are not your concern right now, you want to figure out how to create the life you’ve been imagining. This energy also provokes within you the awareness & understanding that being generous naturally attracts generosity to you. The big picture and overall patterns which have led you to this point are being brought into the light. Feeling clear, sharp, alert and optimistic, you begin to realize that anything you can imagine (or remember), you can achieve.

Relevant Reflections ~ from 6-months ago … 1/7/2017 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~conjunct~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
This energy brings to mind a quote, “circumstances don’t make a man, they reveal him“. The Sun (ego) and Pluto (transformation) are connecting and you are often a different Being once this energy passes and the two planets separate again (they meet once a year). Pluto brings into the Light, aspects of our Selves which have been buried, neglected or ignored lately (or for some, a very long time). Sometimes that is miraculous & life-saving, and other times this can be arduous & exhausting, but it is completely natural. With this energy, you can now more fully access your Source (Sun) and transcend (Pluto) who you “used to be” and begin to truly embody who you are becoming. Bringing things into the Light comes in many forms, as you question all you thought you were or thought you knew about what you really want to express in this lifetime. You can use this as a Rebirth of Light within you or you can look at it as Light being brought to your deepest, darkest places within to heal them with pure Light. It is an initiation that often requires release of some kind that, ultimately, allows you to grow & blossom in new, more authentic ways. As always, concentrated power (Pluto) must be responsibly directed, so watch any projections or provoked power struggles and pick your battles (everybody doesn’t like Light in their dark places). It’s time to question if the sacrifice you’re making is truly worth it? Relationships often strain under this influence because it is such *raw truth* rising from the Soul but it also brings things to the surface that are better addressed sooner than later. (Think The Tower card in Tarot.) It doesn’t have to be destroyed (or maybe it does) as much as it needs to be transformed (new form). Remember, breakdowns always precede breakthroughs!!

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July 2 – 8, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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7/2 ~ Mars (desire) ~oppose~ Pluto (transformation):
This energy is higher will versus lower will, an opposition which always brings tension and the need to balance & integrate whatever your dealing with at the time. It’s not a good time to be selfish, go it alone or let ego lead. Something you did not consider may become obvious and force you to change in some fundamental way. You may have to decide if the path you are on at this time is really going to lead you to the destination you originally chose. If you have been clear about your desires and willing to sacrifice, work hard (and consistently) this energy will activate a turning point. You will have access to energy and passion that propels you forward when based in love and light. However, if your ego has been leading, you may find yourself at an impasse. This energy is all about power and with that power comes great responsibility. Be very careful of abusing that power as it will likely backfire on you.

7/4 ~ Mercury (lower mind & ideas) ~square~ Uranus (Higher Mind & awakening):
This energy challenges you to expand your mind or consciousness in a way, pushing you to think differently and respond to information in new ways. Uranus brings sudden ah-ha moments, personal awareness and radical new ideas, which is great for you adventurous souls who thrive on change and new ideas. However, if you are personally attached to your routine and things ‘going as planned’, then this energy can cause aggravation and tax your nervous system because things will seem sudden (even though it is more likely that they have already been brewing under the surface for some time now). You will have to adjust and be more open and mentally flexible than usual. You may not be able to control the excessive mental activity or information-overload coming in, but hopefully you can direct it a bit. It’s good to activate or clean your personal filters by taking some time in Nature to process things at your own pace and generally clear your head. This can be a very inspiring & creative time, so try to tune into that, while keeping in mind that anything you begin or get into, may require a review later so you can check over the details of your revelations (or creations). You’re just cracking the surface, this is all about the revelation or awakening, you will eventually have to figure out the logistics or effective actions necessary to bring your ideas into form.

7/5 ~ Sun (authentic Self) ~trine~ Neptune (intuition):
This energy triggers your idealistic, altruistic inclinations, but remember that help has to be invited. But if you have the energy to share & to spare, then dedicate your Self to something greater than you. Choose a cause to support or help those less fortunate for the sheer pleasure of giving. If your energy is low at this time, it is better directed inward. If you can, take some extra time in intentional solitude, praying, meditating and connecting to Spirit this week, you will be rewarded with deep revelations & mystical discoveries within you. It’s a great time to do divinations, ritual or ceremony if you’re into that. Your intuition is heightened also, so pay attention to any ‘messages’ that come through or to you. Try to use this energy to reflect on where you are and dream a little about where you want to be, mentally, spiritually and physically in 6-months-to-a-year from now.

7/5 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~square~ Jupiter (imagination & truth):
This is a powerful energy and with that comes the necessity of discernment – it provokes you to get lots of things accomplished and that’s a good thing, however, beware of taking on more than you can actually handle. Having said that now, if you need that little “push” to get some things done, this is just the energy for you. It carries with it the optimism necessary to allow you to go beyond your norm and stretch in new ways. Sometimes there can be a tendency toward self-righteousness with this energy, but try to make it “self-directed” and you will benefit greatly. Walk your talk, embody your Truth. However, if you turn it on others, demanding they believe what you believe, you may have some difficulties. Be open & receptive, have a don’t-know mind because you never know what you may learn along the way that could really help you, now or in the future.

7/7 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~sextile~ Venus (art & beauty):
This energy turns your thoughts and ideas toward how you feel, what inspires you with love and beauty. This is a great time to be particularly creative, or do something related to the arts. It is best to keep it light and let go of your mundane burdens just for a time. Pleasure reading, walk on the beach, a play or museum are all good things to do at some point this week.

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June 25 – July 1, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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6/25 ~ Mars (passion & desire) ~square~ Jupiter (enthusiasm & excess):
This energy can be expressed one of two ways (like most) – you can over-extend your Self and your resources being overly optimistic without actually doing any planning or work, relying on luck alone and unfortunately, this expression will basically make you pay double (in more ways than one) down the road. The better way to express this energy is to think of what you are doing today that can benefit you in the future. You have access to foresight, so use it to foresee what your ultimate goal is and what steps you can take today to make that happen. Focus on what can be, rather than what is right now. You also have access to increased energy and desire to push your own limits (consciously or not), which can be useful but not if you overdo it, then you defeat the whole purpose. Calculated risk is okay – impulsive reactions – not-so-much. This is also the energy of when things are good – they are very good but when they are bad, they are terrible! So keep it positive, stay focused and consciously balance your mental/emotional/physical INPUT with your mental/emotional/physical OUTPUT.

6/26 ~ Mars (desires & actions) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams & visions):
This energy is good for spiritual exploration, digging deeper into your place in the Cosmos, as well as in-relation to others. Your energy is best turned inward, as you discover how many aspects of Self have changed over recent years, altering who you are & what you want. Use this energy to infuse more depth into your heart’s desires. By infusing your dreams & visions for your Self, you naturally bless Others & the Universe. You may feel inclined to help others, but always balance that drive with some objectivity (are those you’re helping just as dedicated as you are to the common cause?) This is a very laid back energy that allows you time to take effective action on behalf of your dreams and/or spiritual growth. Enjoy it!

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June 18 – 24, 2017: Weekly Forecast

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6/18 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~sextile~ Uranus (freedom & individuality):
This activation will help you access a deeper sense of authenticity as everyday routine events may be enlightening this week. Anytime Uranus is involved ‘ah-ha moments’ are available, those sudden inspirations or the surprising clarity that changes everything is bubbling near the surface, you need but invite it in (to your conscious mind) to be useful. Eventually, you will have to ground these breakthroughs in some physical form, but this energy supports the exploration of possibilities. Where can you use a dose of freedom & liberation? This energy also promotes ‘authentic living’ – you won’t be able to be phony, nor tolerate it in others this week. Just remember that truth sometimes rattles those who would rather play ‘nice’ (keep up appearances/status quo) than face the facts, so watch out for rebelliousness, if not in you then in others. This is not a disruptive energy, except to those who resist change. Don’t fight it – embrace it! Change is good, it means you are growing!

6/18 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~oppose~ Saturn (reality & physical limitations):
Here the opposition is between your thoughts and your reality or current responsibilities. It’s also about your mental and physical getting integrated on some level. Are you working too hard, causing mental or physical exhaustion? Are you too stuck in idea-mode, delaying actions and actual commitments? It’s time to take a realistic look at your life to see where you could change your mind and your reality would follow. You may find yourself asking what your truth and purpose really are or you may be concerned about how to provide for your very basic, essential needs and why you have been constantly limited in that way. Everything can seem bleak and depressing but really it is just the Universe’s way of getting your attention and helping you to focus on what really matters. You’re being pushed to think of new ways to function on a practical level. You may feel like leaving a mate or partner at this time, but it’s not really the best time to actually act on this impulse. Wait until this energy passes and give your Self some time to clear that negative thinking that is actually coloring your judgment at this time. If you feel this way in another week or two then begin to plan releasing this person in the healthiest, most compassionate possible way so as not to create more karma YOU will have to deal with later. What this energy is good for is giving you the ability to see what is wrong and connect to a positive, realistic way of creating change for the better. If you are still unsure about what direction to take, this energy supports consulting a person you respect, usually someone older and/or more experienced, for guidance and support.

6/20 ~ Venus (essence & natural beauty) ~sextile~ Neptune (consciousness & vision):
This energy connects your true values & priorities to the planet of dreams, mysticism & other dimensions (Neptune). You have an opportunity to gain some traction on making your vision tangible just by connecting to the essence you want to experience. Feel the feeling and that will lead to the physical manifestation later. This energy helps you believe in what is possible and supports any artistic expression or active practice (vision boards, affirmations etc) that helps you hone the actual vision. Steps and strategies are for other planets, Venus only cares about the essence of nature & love and Neptune is definitely not who you’d work with for ‘steps/strategies’ ; -) Tune in to the natural beauty around you and suspend any usual inner dialogue for a day or two (as soon as you can) so you can connect to some inspiration guided by your own Heart & Soul (from the inside-out).

6/20 ~ Mercury (acumen) ~sextile~ Uranus (the Awakener):
This energy says, it’s time to go with the flow – “new and different” being the flow. It wants to shake it up a bit – in a good way. However, if you feel like new and different is more like chaos and disruption, then you need to reflect and see if you aren’t being too rigid. Unwillingness to go with the (new) flow will make this energy harder to handle. This is also a good time to try to resolve any old issues or challenges – they are not going away without resolution and conscious release. Perhaps you’ve been trying the same thing over and over and it’s time to try something NEW – now is the time new ideas can/will come to you. Pay attention! Try to be open and receptive to unusual things, events or ideas and allow room for spontaneity. You may think you are doing one thing and look up and being doing something completely different – be open to exploring the new path!

6/21 ~ Mercury (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self):
This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. You will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) make quite an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible too. However, if not physically, than mentally and certainly within your own area, you will take in more information per square inch than usual. Pay attention! You may even gain the much deserved recognition from others that you have worked so hard for.

6/24 ~ Venus (values, relationships & resources) ~trine~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
Anytime Pluto’s involved the intensity levels go up and you are able to hear/feel your SoulSelf more clearly than usual. Venus brings up that which is most important to you personally, your individual values & priorities, where your relationships & resources are concerned. This is an easy angle, making purification & transformation smoother than usual too. So, what are you ready to change? How have your values & priorities changed completely in the last year or so? Use this activation to deepen your connection with those you love most and allow the relationship to evolve to a totally new level. If you’re working on your relationship with money or self-worth specifically, this activation is a good time for prayer or ritual that supports positive change and your vision for the future. Pour any intense emotions or revelations into art of any medium or do a vision board, but give expression to the depths you recognize as coming to the surface of your consciousness.

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June 11 – 17, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Cancer Article

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6/13 ~ Mercury (learning & mind) ~trine~ Jupiter (education & consciousness):
This energy is great for expanding your mind, learning something new or taking a class. It’s time to plan for the future and start getting organized. However, you may feel less disciplined and more creative, which is fine in the beginning, but eventually focus & discipline will have to be engaged to ground your new ideas, thoughts or concepts. You have to ask your Self, ‘How bad do you want it?’ If you are self-aware, awake & alert, you will be able to see (and seize) the opportunities as they present themselves. It may ‘appear’ to be luck, but it’s really more that you were in alignment with the Cosmos, present & positive, and ultimately, able to trust & follow your instincts. Practice, there is no perfection. Being optimistic & looking for opportunity in every experience will magnetize the positive and naturally repel the negative, leading right where you want to be! Take advantage of this good energy to connect to whatever it is you are trying to create in your life at this time.

6/13 ~ Mercury (communication) ~square~ Neptune (dissolution):
This is a mixed blessing energy. On one hand, it’s good for spiritual study and giving your dreams a little energy (if your schedule permits). On the other hand, it makes for major miscommunications between people. Try to think before speaking, because if it’s possible to misunderstand or not ‘get it’ altogether, it will happen this week. Be careful not to let “longing” for your dreams to come true, distort your judgment and mislead you into believing the illusion. With this energy, some people will deliberately deceive and others have to be careful not to be misled. Stick to the facts or stay quiet, for now. You may even be inclined to withhold information to avoid a confrontation – don’t do it. Communicate with your Self and God today, otherwise plan to be very clear in explaining yourself to others (humans) so there are no misunderstandings.

6/15 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~oppose~ Saturn (physical limits & definition of reality):
This is an annual process of development. The Sun makes it personal and about you the individual. Saturn helps move your timeline along and build the literal aspects of life, the basics of providing for yourself (food, shelter etc) and your personal limitations. What renewed aspect of Self got activated about 6-months ago and how do you want that to fully develop over the next 6-months? This is a potent midpoint, the most powerful course-correcting time in any cycle, this one being an annual meeting between Sun & Saturn, a check-point between you and your responsibilities. Each year, you evolve, some years more consciously than others so this is a good time to check in with your own personal definitions of what you are or are no longer responsible for. Often, this energy activates a push-pull between who you are and who you want to be; between what you want to do and what you have to do. My age-old advice is to: do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do. And while it may not be the easiest path, it’s usually worth it for the peace of mind it brings. You may swing between extremes of fulfilling all your obligations to the neglect of your Truth & Purpose -or- neglecting your obligations and doing whatever you choose, which only means those obligations will be there when you get to them and they will have most likely increased by the time you do. Balance is the key! Practice, there is no perfection and it’s time to practice handling business before pleasure.

This leads so beautifully to the article I want to share with you below. But first, I want to go a little deeper into the Sun/Saturn activation because it is so useful for you to recognize any pattern in your literal reality. The Signs add the energy & lessons and in this case, it is Gemini/Sagittarius. This is the third/final activation before Saturn moves into Capricorn and the axis (meaning energy & lessons to integrate) will shift to Cancer/Capricorn. Dates of Sun in Gemini Opposite Saturn in Sag: 5.23.2015 ~ 6.3.2016 ~ 6.15.2017 ~ on/around these dates, the Air/Fire combo was in play. How well do you do with those Signs & Elements? In general, the lesson here is how well you are expressing the Truth of who you are. Opposition always illuminates any extremes and activates a push-pull within and around you. Because of Saturn, this gets pretty literal. However, I want to remind you that because it is Gemini/Sag, it’s all rooted in what you “believe” to be possible for your reality and that has likely shifted dramatically in recent years. So I want to encourage you to pray/meditate on it and really clear out any distractions to your goals at this time because you will be rewarded. Change your mind and your reality will follow ; -)

That said, I believe I am supposed to be in Mt Shasta for Summer Solstice this year, so I’m getting as much support & guidance to you as I can before I am *Off the Grid* – YAY!! I promise to report on all the *magical experiences* when I return, however, I have to submit my Earth Medicine School homework by June 30th plus July 1st brings my BDay, so I’m not entirely sure you’ll hear too much more Cancer info (besides Monthly Audio Update) before I do Leo. BIG Hugs of Gratitude to ALL – those of you who take the time to read my writing and share the journey, as well as all of you who have contributed this month to help with the 3D process of getting to the mountain and all of you who I know are holding space energetically for me to be there! I’m taking you ALL with me, in my heart! OneLove

As we delve into what we believe is possible, this becomes an important processing time that can/should be done prior to the decision-making that comes with the Turn of the Wheel. Summer Solstice activates the time of maximum Light and we are supported to fuel our systems with this Light and it will support & accelerate our progress. This is what we mean when we go to Mt Shasta, Earth’s Root Chakra, to Anchor the Light Body. We are fortifying the connection to Source and we are practicing holding, moving in/out and expressing more Light as individuals. In addition, as we gathering two-or-more for this express purpose, it becomes invaluable nutrient that Blesses Mama Earth, as well as the Child who realizes they have to do everything themselves, but you do not have to do it alone!

Cancer: Assimilate the New & Eliminate the Old
Which May Mean … Sideways, Backwards … THEN Forward!

Cancer time always brings us face-to-face with some major choices & decisions which will likely require some form of *Assimilation & Elimination*. Cancer‘s gift is processing all that passes through your system, taking in the nutrient (that makes your system work) and any excess or toxins that cannot be “assimilated” must be “eliminated”. If you do not eliminate them, then blockages (and some form of dis-ease or discomfort) will occur. Quality nourishment (or what you take in to your system) is vital and if you have held on to anything that has not been put to proper use, then you may be particularly toxic (within or without), and you will have to cleanse & heal first, before your can rebuild or fortify your structure (Capricorn).

Digestion, Assimilation & Elimination are truly Cancer‘s domain and one or all may require periodic “time outs” to process all that has come through your system over the last 6-months -to- 1-year. This year may bring much more clearing than the usual annual process. Keep in mind that, on one or many levels, you have released the past, you’ve cleared space and created new flow that must also be properly directed ~ this is a 2-way process (in/out). Your Higher Self does this naturally, but ego/personality has preferences and can cause problems along the way. Your Soul has been very busy working on your behalf, positioning you for greatness, stripping the weakness and letting you know the areas of your life which have been in a famine (for however long, for whatever reason). Cancer time beckons, “come out of the storm (of life), dry off by a warm fire (your heart), replenish your Self with light-filled food and quality rest!” You are no good to your team, in fact you are a danger and liability to your team, if you are not centered, balanced, properly fortified and fully rested. When you ARE, then you can be alert and focused, strong and productive.

In more practical terms, Cancer is the time to restore your energy, replenish your physical and spiritual nutrients, stabilize your foundation, clear your physical body and personal space of the past, any debris and clutter and assess your inner and outer productivity with special attention to strengthening and fortifying yourself so you can CREATE come the next cycle (Leo time). If you work the Cancer energy to its fullest potential, you would stabilize within, clearing the channel to open the floodgates (allow flow), access your own deep well/reservoir of energy and resources (use what you’ve got), and ignite the fire of creativity (be heart-centered and passionate about what you are doing) so you can fulfill your potential and, ultimately, be of Service to your Self, your family, your community and the planet.

Cancer, being ruled by the Moon, is serious about letting you know that the natural cycles work best when you HONOR THEM, rather than resist! When you fight Nature (or any natural process), you will receive your due lesson unless or until you surrender and realize that (in general) “mom and dad” (Cancer/Capricorn) are right more than they are wrong. You have to give the deep emotions (which are being stirred at this time) a structure and purpose or you’ll drown in them. With every penetrating realization, allow it to pass through your consciousness with the last thought being of the Light … then, get the lesson and the blessing! from whatever memory, experience, choice, decision, and of course, feeling that comes up at this time … and CLAIM your Truth, Infinite Light and the Highest possible outcome.

Keep in mind that whatever you’re feeling can be useful. Trust that feelings are one of the major ways of communicating within, your moods are inner messengers bringing information in to your conscious awareness. Often, we are bombarded by outer messages, very few of which are true or worthy, but simply there to DISTRACT you and/or DISCONNECT you from Source altogether. Your heart – your gut – your core – DEEP WITHIN your being, buried under layers and years of trying to work from the outside-IN … is your Inner Compass just waiting for you to excavate and reconnect with it so it can serve Its true purpose of guiding you on your Path. Working from the outside-IN is not how it works, you have to work from the inside-OUT. Yes, it is a glorious day for those of us who feel “backwards” in the 3D world (I know I am not alone ;-)) I get the distinct impression we were just ‘before our time‘ and maybe now the Universe is ready! We must return to Heart-Centered, Empathic, Intuitive, Receptive, Divine Feminine way of LIVING … which is to Create ~ Contain ~ Nurture ~ and Protect … and we’re back to Cancer energy and lessons.

Often, ‘how you start is how you finish‘ and Cancer Initiates this quarter of the year (June-Sept) ~ Summer Solstice -to- Fall Equinox. There is deep value (and potency) in this (extended) moment in time. Cancer/Leo/Virgo prepares us for upcoming Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius which will complete the Annual Cycle. Despite 3D obligations, clocks, calendars, families, bosses etc all competing for your time and attention, I urge you to put on your ‘invisibility cloak’ and make time for several periodic TIME OUTS (or one-long-one). Take some time to soak in the Light (before it recedes), bask, and while you’re doing that, reflect on all that you’ve created with your energy and efforts over the course of the last 6-months -to- 1-year. Here’s some questions to prime the pump …

♥ How well did your efforts PRODUCE?
♥  How well did your investments (of all resources:
time, energy & money) PROVIDE?
♥  What is the QUALITY of your return thus far?
♥  Are there areas of your life BLOSSOMING with overflow,
bounty & beauty (and multiplying like crazy)?
♥  Are there still other areas of your life WILTING,
dying on the vine, not being nourished properly
or receiving enough Light?
♥  What do you WANT to do?
♥  What does your HEART say to do?
♥  What ‘FEELS’ right at the moment?
♥  What should you NOT attempt to continue to grow (in your life)?
♥  What should you pay some special attention to
because you KNOW it will bear fruit
if you would just give it some quality,
direct & focused energy and attention?

This time, like all times, is a very good one
if we but know what to do with it. -Emerson

I’d also like to remind you that the Cancer/Capricorn Lunation happens right around Solstice time (Solstice 6/20 and Cancer Super New Moon 6/23 and Capricorn Full Moon 7/9), making it even more imperative that you make any decisions regarding ‘course correction’ during this quarter. With the current & recent Retrogrades, you will have a unique opportunity (in this potent One Year of New/Initiation) to regroup this Cancer season. Summer Solstice and the Sun moving in to Cancer Initiates the second half of the year every year and activates a deeply transformative Integration process with Pluto in Capricorn. Use this time, at least initially, to gather courage, cultivate integrity, tweak your plan and prepare for the delicious (and fun) creativity you will have access to next month.

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that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.

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You’re Invited to Summer Solstice in Mt Shasta w Kelly Beard + Shanta Gabriel!

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As You Connect to the Root Chakra of the Earth &
Access the Maximum Light of Summer Solstice,
You will Anchor Your Light Body &
Integrate Divinity into Your Daily Life

Join Shanta Gabriel & Kelly Beard
for Live Circle + Teleconference
@The Silk Road Chai Shop
105 E Alma Street – Mt Shasta, CA
TUE/June 20, 2017
Live Circle Gathers:
@7:30pm-9:00pm (pacific)
Teleconference Begins:
@8:00pm (pacific)
@9:00pm (mountain)
@10:00pm (central)
@11:00pm (eastern)
Click Here for Time Zone Converter
Can’t make it Live? It’ll be recorded & sent to all who register.

Register & Donate Here
Please SHARE Event Flyer (1-pg/pdf)

*NOTE* We are deeply grateful that all donations will support this
*Magical Trinity* of Shanta, Kelly & the Silk Road Chai Shop

As I start diving into what *Sacred Fun* I want to co-create with Shanta this Solstice, more and more miracles are revealed! So much synchronicity and so many mini-convergences that have to happen to get us to these Sacred places.

We are changed simply through the effort, the dedicated journey to getting there and returning home with your very DNA rearranged … which is exactly what happened to me in 2014, the first time I traveled to connect with the energy of Mt. Shasta, the location of Mother Earth’s Root Chakra.

Since this will be my second trip to the mountain, I can testify that it was definitely life-changing and we also had *magic* every step of the way, so if you are called and physically able to make it to Mt. Shasta this year, please get in touch with me or Shanta directly.

If you cannot make it this year, please know that we are actually developing what we would love to go forward and do annually together, so start planning NEXT year because we are! The dream is that Shanta & I create a retreat for Summer Solstice in Mt. Shasta and Winter Solstice on the Ocean, somewhere warm & sunny!

Anyway, it is very clear that I set some things in motion on that Sacred Mountain in 2014. I planted seeds that are sprouting this year and I’m going to explore the possibilities to see what can take root. Your support, financial, energetic & otherwise, is what enables Shanta & I to dedicate ourselves to this sacred work, to honoring Earth & Sky, as well as the Angels & Ancestors, and ultimately, bringing the messages, clarity & support back for the Circle/Community ~ YOU!

I promise to document and share as much as we can of this year, stay tuned! And please consider getting or gifting a Reading with Kelly or Shanta ; -) your contributions will allow us to expand this work, which the Universe is calling us all to do in some way.

We are being called to rise to the next level, embody our true purpose and serve in a new way! and for all that we’ve done together virtually/online over the last 10-years, I am *Over the Moon Excited* whenever we are able to gather two-or-more, live in-person!

So far, folks from Chicago, Atlanta & Florida, me included, are committed to making the journey to the mountain, will you join us? You can fly into Medford, OR and drive 90-min South or fly into Redding, CA and drive 1-hour North or fly into Sacramento, CA and drive 4-hours North.

Either way, it’s a beautiful journey that literally transports you to another Dimension, to a place where the Air & Water are so crisp & clean that your cells dance and your body can actually feel the Earth breathing! Shanta is teaching us something called Forest Breathing – I can’t wait! Yummm!

Please know we hold each of you in our hearts, now & always, as we step into this other Dimension to play and bless the Earth!

Shanta’s Soul Realignment Reading ~ $150
Shanta’s Light Activation Session ~ $150

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It is the last week before I head to Mt. Shasta and I have to do a little fundraiser for my trip ; -) You may consider a reading for your Self or as a gift. My most popular ones are the Astro/Tarot Special & Venus Reading (see links above) and of course, you can get a regular Reading that fits any need or budget.

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June 4 – 10, 2017: Weekly Forecast + Offerings

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6/4 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~square~ Neptune (illusions & delusions):
This activation can cause self-doubt, self-delusion and an overall confusion that seems to be sourced within or self-directed. It’s only temporary, this is just the Universe’s way of slowing you down so you can see where your goals may have been unrealistic or based on flights of fancy. If your energy is low and you’re feeling challenged to see the bright side of things, it is better to just time-out, rest & replenish (if possible) and most of all, do not initiate any grand plans as you are not really seeing things as they truly are at this time. Luckily, this is a pretty short-lived activation.

6/9 ~ Venus (feminine values & priorities) ~sextile~ Mars (masculine desires & actions):
This energy is good for trying new things and meeting new people, if/when possible. It creates a good vibe and balanced masculine/feminine energy that allows a nice exchange between self and other. This is a good time to be creative, so be cognizant of any ideas that come to you right now, even if you cannot implement them right away. This is a happy, upbeat energy, so if you can be sociable, by all means, get out and mingle. It’s possible to attract someone under this influence as well. The best thing to do with this energy is get involved with new and progressive projects or people. It’s all very positive.

Also, I wanted to share my Monthly Audio Update for GEMINI ~ May 20 – June 20, 2017. I’m inviting new subscribers & would love it if you would share with others who you think would resonate with my work. This month, anyone who Subscribes or Donates will Receive Bonus *Custom* Goodies too!

It is the last month before I head to Mt. Shasta and I have to do a little fundraiser for my trip ; -) You may consider a reading for your Self or as a gift. My most popular ones are the Astro/Tarot Special & Venus Reading (see links below) and of course, you can get a regular Reading that fits any need or budget. Click Here for Solstice Details!

Useful Tools to Guide & Support YOU!
~ Special Readings ~
Mercury Retro Reading $99.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Eclipse Portal Reading $75.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Astro/Tarot Special $100.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Venus Cycle Reading $150.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Click Here for Note from Kelly with Reading Details

~ Subscriptions ~
Subscription  $25/mo USD ~ Custom Monthly Reading
(You can Submit One Question, Issue or Focus for Each Upcoming Month)
Subscription $10/mo USD ~ General Monthly Overview
(May 20 – June 20, 2017 ~ Available NOW)

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Permission granted to copy & redistribute Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition
that it’s distributed freely, content remains intact & includes contact/link back to post.


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