LEO Gate of Power 2017

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The Sacred Season of LEO Gate of Power is About the …
Assessments & Preservation of Life

Giving Gratitude for Abundance
Making Offerings to Ensure Flow (Life)
Releasing Regrets & Facilitating Closure
Pre-Harvest: Assessments & Preparations
Creating Containers for Your Creative Ideas
Activating Fiery Creativity ~ (Re) New Projects
Deepening Dedication to What Is Working (Alive)
Assessing the Worth of Preserving & Cultivating New Life

8:8 Lion’s Gate 2017 with

Shanta Gabriel & Kelly M Beard
Free Teleconference
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Shanta & Kelly have collaborated for 10+ years, communing with the Angels & Ancestors, sharing the messages & tuning into the energetic support of each season. Join us as we celebrate the MidPoint between Summer Solstice & Fall Equinox, the LEO Gate of Power. We will honor our connection to Heaven & Earth and gather energy, nourishment & support for moving through the next 6-weeks and beyond.

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