Venus Reclamation 2018

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Venus Cycle MidPoint ~ Jan 9, 2018
Reclamation ~ Outer Initiation
Venus/Sun in CAPRICORN

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This is a magical, mystical time in the Venus Cycle, when she leaves the sky as Morning Star, dives deep into the Underworld (behind the Sun) to gather information, fortitude & direction for when she returns and rises as the Evening Star (around Feb 16th). We can co-create with her and tune into her rhythm in order to guide our own lives. I hope you’ll join me to review what this time is really good for and how it will support you no matter where you are on your current Path.

Whether or not you have been with us during the monthly calls for the last 10-months or not, you too have been moving through the material Venus has activated in your own chart. Think about how your values & priorities have shifted in the last year or so and give yourself credit for the cleansing & release work you have been able to do. Theoretically, now that you’ve been through the release process, it is also a good exercise to set (loose) goals around what you would like to reclaim going forward. This second half of the journey is about reclaiming that which is ready to be embodied & expressed in a completely new way.

Again, consider the overall ARIES Theme but now, with a strong CAPRICORN Sub-Theme kicking off the *Reclamation*. Think: Fire/Earth ~Containers for Your Ideas~ Creating the Tangible to Serve & Support You & Others ~ Being Completely Responsible for Self while also learning how to know Self & relate with Others in completely new ways. Now, it’s time to consider what has to be *Initiated and/or Reclaimed* in order for you to open up to new ideas that will allow you to Renew Your Innate Sense of Self, Transform Your Identity & Reshape Your Purpose. Each month, you will now consciously integrate & practice with your newly fortified connection to this expanded level of who you are, as well as this renewed clarity around what you truly want to magnetize, nurture & develop over the next 8-years.

Questions to Consider ~ at this time:
What do you want to *invest* your time, energy & resources?
What do you want to reclaim & practice now & going forward?
Where is there fun, flow & fluid movement in your life at this time?
When/Where/With Whom do you feel your most passionate, fiery creative Self?
How could your appearance & your surroundings use an infusion of *new* energy?
Are you more focused on your Self, your Relationships or your Creative Projects at this time?
How can you anchor, brighten & expand your magnetic field?
What do you want to naturally magnetize & naturally repel?
How have you cultivated a strong, positive animus that guides & protects you/your creations in the world?