Venus Retro 2018

Venus Retrograde in SCORPIO ~ 10.5.2018
and Direct in LIBRA ~ 11.16.2018
Venus Circle ~ OPEN House ~ SEPT/OCT 2018
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*Relevant Reflections*
Last Venus in Libra/Scorpio ~ Oct 15 – Dec 2, 2017

It is a fairly regular occurrence for Venus to move through Libra and Scorpio every year or so. The last time was Oct/Nov 2017. It’s catching it at the Retrograde that makes the current one special. However, the last cycle or two that you can remember, may have some clues, upon reflection, that turn out to be some kind of confirmation of what you are facing and reviewing now.

Previous Venus Retrograde in Scorpio ~
2010 / 2002 / 1994 / 1986 (8-year cycles)
This is a larger Cycle to focus on but still may yield some clues. Basically, all cycles eventually repeat themselves, some more often than others. The same Scorpio energy was activated back then, and will be again, however, the surrounding planetary support changes ~ the human condition evolves ~ your own personal support systems shapeshift as needed. Look for any pattern in your intimate life. Often these years will coincide with ex-partners circling back or significant past-life connections becoming obvious.

Think about the Sign Lesson: SCORPIO Power to Create ~ and the subsequent Karma you create along with it. The SCORPIO Issues: Power, Sex, Death, Money, Rebirth & Transformative Soul-Work – that’s what’s back on the table. You should be able to delineate a pattern. Think of the deaths, real or metaphorical, that you have experienced around those years. Think about your sexual preferences or levels of activity. Think about how you were creating your reality and with what resources. Think of the life-changing events that led you to here and now.

Now what? What do you want to create with your power & resources over the next 8 years? Set an intention to purify and distill your own power issues into their most useful and basic elements. As a human being with conscious awareness, you are Infinitely creative and connected to an Infinite power Source. That is incredible power which requires an adequate structure, container or vehicle, as well as a capable guide or director and a pure motivation to create.

Venus Retrogrades every 18-months, which means that our Values and Priorities shift, in small ways, on a fairly regular basis, but in huge ways every 8-years. Getting a rhythm to this, internally, will help you flow with your own personal evolution with far less fear or anxiety and more trust in the natural order of things, which includes your own natural evolution.

If you’d like to know more, there is a complete Venus 2018 Article HERE that includes the above, plus some valuable quick-reference lists and much more. I’m also hosting an *OPEN House* – which means, I will do TWO FREE TeleCircles to introduce this new cycle, one on THUR/Sept 20th and the other will be held TUE/Oct 16th. The first one focuses on the cycle in general that will affect us all, while the second one is focused more on the individual. Hopefully, this will give everyone enough information to decide if they want to get their own Reading + Custom Guide.

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