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Readings w. Kelly

  • I have been doing readings since the early 1980’s, and professionally since 1996 and online since 1999.
  • I use a wide variety of Tarot cards & Divination tools, such as IChing, Runes, Bibliomancy etc. Most of my readings include some combo of Astrology & Tarot.
  • I love customizing the information and helping people make their own connections by alerting them to the current cycles they’re navigating, as well as the unique planetary support available *now*.
  • I believe deeply that your birth chart is your individual (one-of-a-kind) blueprint for life. It has the key to your lessons to learn & teach, your life path, as well as past life inclinations that you bring with you to resolve and it points to your life’s true purpose and natural rhythm. Once you become aware of a few key things, then you can consciously co-create and accelerate your own evolution by, essentially, mastering YOU!
  • I’ve also created some readings that are powerful and unique, like the Access the Ancestors series and the 8 Sacred Seasons, which are designed to keep you on track as you travel throughout your year.
  • I’ve created a couple of different formats, depending on your preference: to READ (pdf) and to LISTEN (mp3) or BOTH.
  • Click Here for Note from Kelly with Reading Details
30-min Session w Kelly      $75.00 USD
60-min Session w Kelly      $125.00 USD
90-min Session w Kelly      $150.00 USD
2-hour Session w Kelly       $200.00 USD
Subscription   $25/mo USD ~ Custom Monthly Reading
(You can Submit One Question, Issue or Focus for Each Upcoming Month)    
~ Special Readings ~  
Mercury Retro Reading $75.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Eclipse Portal Reading
$75.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Astro/Tarot Special 
$100.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Venus Cycle Reading
$150.00 USD ~ Details Here (pdf)
Sacred Seasons Reading ~ Details HERE
Click Here for ALL 8 Sacred Season Reading Descriptions + Note
Subscriptions or Single Readings Available

(Annual Subscription = 8 per year)
= $175/year -or- $25 each   (PDF Only)
= $500/year -or- $75 each   (PDF +MP3)
= $800/year -or- $125 each   (PDF + MP3 + Appt w. Kelly)
Eclipse Portal Reading ~ Details Here   
CURRENT 2018 Portals are:  Jan/Feb -and- July/Aug 2018
JAN/FEB = Leo/Aquarius
-and- JULY/AUG = Cancer/Aquarius/Leo
Subscriptions or Single Readings Available

(Set = 2 per year)
$25 each   (PDF Only)
$125/set  -or-  $75 each   (PDF +MP3)
$200/set  -or- $125 each   (PDF + MP3 + Appt w. Kelly)
Your Personal Venus Cycle ~ Details Here
Subscriptions or Cycle Reading Available
= $10/mo ~ Custom Venus Activations (1-Month Only)
= $10/mo ~ Custom Venus Activations (Ongoing Subscription)
= $75 ~ Intro Reading + First 2-mo/Custom Venus Activations
= $150 ~ Your Personal Venus Reading + Custom Guide (18-mo Cycle)
*Current Cycle: ARIES/CAPRICORN ~ Feb 2017 – Oct 2018