Lunar Circle


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NEXT *LUNAR* TeleCircle:
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JAN 2017 ~ AQUARIUS New Moon / LEO Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
FEB 2017 ~ PISCES New Moon Solar Eclipse / VIRGO Full Moon
MAR 2017 ~ ARIES New Moon / LIBRA Full Moon   
APR 2017 ~ TAURUS Super New Moon / SCORPIO Full Moon
MAY 2017 ~ GEMINI Super New Moon / SAG Full Moon  
JUNE 2017 ~ CANCER Super New Moon / CAPRICORN Full Moon

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We have a great Community that gathers periodically and if you
want more Personal Guidance & Direction on how to use
the energy available to you, check out a TeleCircle!

The TeleCircles are designed to:
Inspire and Motivate You
Support You on Your Path
Motivate You to New Depths AND Heights
Keep You Focused on Your Goals & Intentions
Give You Relevant, Current Information to Make More Conscious Choices

Would you like to know what energy is available to you and how to maximize its potential, as well as your own? The TeleCircles are based on the Full and New Moons, as well as the current transits, which are affecting all of us to one degree or another.

You will learn:
What energies are active at this time
How to consciously direct them
How they are affecting you personally
What is supported at this time (or not)
The areas of your life being activated at this time
The positive and negative expressions of the current energies
How to clarify your intent to manifest faster and more effectively

Honor Your SoulSelf by Taking Time to:
~ Gather Information
~ Sort and Sift What Is Relevant to YOU
~ Choose/Act on Your Own Behalf

Monthly Lunar TeleCircle ~ is when we check in with the Full Moon/New Moon, planetary energies and honor the ebb/flow of daily life by aligning our goals with the Moon’s rhythm. This is for those who like cycles and seasons and who are passionate about managing their own energy, deeply dedicated to serving their unique purpose and genuinely committed to accomplishing their goals.

The energy of these Lunar gatherings continues to evolve over time, with a powerful group dynamic and a delicious alchemical mix of people who constitute the Circle. My intention is always to create Sacred Space for those who like to listen and gather information, as well as those who like to share their illuminations, discoveries and ah-ha moments.

We do Breathwork & Divinations and go over the current cycles & active energies, as well as how to maximize their potential, which leads, ultimately, to fulfilling your own. As we integrate the global, external shifts happening at this time, we must understand the individual, internal shifts going on simultaneously. Understanding the active energies will help you assimilate these shifts in a less traumatic and more self-assured way.

Knowing the offerings (energy) of the Full & New Moon and applying the guidance & support consciously, helps you live within the natural rhythms that you already intuitively know, but perhaps need the occasional reminder or some additional support.

These gatherings are that reminder to stop and reconnect with your Higher or SoulSelf (once a month or more), remembering you are co-creating this life with the available planetary energy, as well as an entire *Team* of Invisible Assistance.

Learn about how the Cycles & Patterns are unfolding for you, as well as how to access that intuitive guidance, through the Lunar work, so you can direct (or re-direct) the energy on your own behalf and with the Ancestors’ support.