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Venus/Sun in CAPRICORN ~ MidPoint
WED/Jan 10th
(pacific) / @8pm (eastern)
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NOW is the Perfect Time to Own, Activate
& Embody Your Inner Athlete!
(And no, you won’t even have to stand on your head to do it! ; -))
Your Inner Athlete is the part of you that is
naturally motivated from within to:

· Instinctively Move
· Achieve Excellence
· Have New Experiences

With Your Venus Reading + Custom Guide ~ You’ll be able to:

· Clarify Your Personal Values & Priorities
· Focus on More Heart-Centered Choices
· Create Your Personal Sacred Practice
· Release Stagnation & Activate Flow
· Magnetize Support + Repel Negativity
· Create Containers for Your Ideas

Venus Reading
Understand Your Personal Venus
& Divine Feminine Within
· Pinpoint Your True Priorities
· Co-Create a Strategy/Plan
· Clarify Your Most Vital Timing
Your Choice of Audio mp3 or CD or Both

Custom Guide
18-mo of Easy-to-Follow Tools &
Guidance for Navigating the Cycle
· Prayer & Journal Prompts
· Your Personal Venus Activations
· Monthly Affirmations & Excercises
Your Choice of PDF or Spiral-Bound or Both

Monthly Circle
Join Our Amazing Community of
Master Teachers & Healers,
Lightworkers & Dedicated Students
· Get Infusion of Strength, Support & Suggestions
to Make Your Life Beautiful, Sacred & Rich
Ongoing Monthly Venus Circle

Contribute $150 for Reading + Custom Guide
Contribute $125 for Previous Venus Circle Members
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Contact Kelly Beard to Order Your Reading + Join Venus Circle!

Who is the Venus Reading, Custom Guide
& Monthly Circle good for?
~ Anyone who wants to better understand their own
patterns around Love, Money & Magnetics.
~ Anyone who likes doing the self-work and also likes
the support of a community with common goals.
~ Anyone who is looking for a NEW Passion, Purpose or Identity
and feels ‘in between’ on these matters.
~ Anyone who is truly ready to consciously get their outer priorities
realigned to match their inner values.
~ Anyone who wants to consciously co-create with the
current upgrade of their Love, Money & Magnetics.
~ Anyone who wants to simply learn more about themselves
and their values, priorities & personal patterns.
~ Anyone who has strong/many Fire Signs or Cardinal Signs:
Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn in their chart.

Venus Cycles – Past/Future ~ If we track the last few Venus cycles, one way to look at it is that we got a completely new identity activated when Venus Retrograded through *ARIES* (2009-2010) which was followed by cultivating new values & priorities, based on this “new identity” which opened up access to our innate power to co-create our lives. As Venus Retrograded through *SCORPIO* (2010-2011), we got to cleanse & clear any deeply buried karmic debris blocking full expression of clean, authentic power and true self-worth. As Venus Retrograded through *GEMINI* (2012), we got to explore the infinite ways we can express ourselves at this new level of consciousness and release out-dated thinking & obsolete processes. As Venus Retrograded through *CAPRICORN* (2013-2014), we got to put a brand new structure in place that actually helps us make better decisions and create more fundamental stability, as well as personal security, based on the new values & priorities. If we’ve anchored the fundamentals in a secure way, then this recent Venus Cycle thru *LEO* (2015) will be a final exam of sorts on working with our magnetics for sure, with both rewards & revelations about what we magnetize & repel, naturally. 2017 brings us full circle back to Aries Retro & we can rebirth yet again! Venus Retrogrades every 18-months, which means that our *Values & Priorities* shift, in small ways, on a fairly regular basis, but in huge ways every 8-years. Getting a rhythm to this, internally, will help you flow with your own personal evolution with far less fear or anxiety & much more trust in the natural order of things, including your own natural evolution.
Click Here for Venus Retro in Aries 2017 Article (4-pg/pdf)
Click Here for Details on Venus Reading + Custom Guide (1-pg/pdf)
Click Here for Audio Excerpt from 2009 Venus Circle (15-min/mp3)


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