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I’d like to share a NEW Custom Tool I recently created. I’ve had many of you ask about getting to know Venus without necessarily having to learn her whole cycle and I am excited to offer it to you! Venus rules everything we care about, relationships & finances being at the top of the list. She moves relatively quickly through your chart, spending 3-4 weeks in each Sign so you can work with her on your everyday decisions & choices. Your values & priorities shift & evolve as you do so it is a really great support to have this custom tool to remind you what she is activating in your individual chart.

Your Personal Venus Activations basically track Venus as she contacts planets in your chart and will support you throughout the month. You don’t have to learn her whole cycle, you can just learn how she’s affecting YOU! which will ultimately enable you to co-create in a much more sacred, conscious & effective way.

Sample HERE (4-pg/pdf)
Includes Front/Back cover, Introduction & Activations
Order Reading HERE ($75)
Includes First 2-mo + mp3 Intro to Your Venus
Activations: Subscribe HERE ($10/mo)
Includes 10-pg/pdf Customized for YOU
*If you are already in my system, you can order one month HERE
but if you’re new, you have to Subscribe or get Reading first.

NOW is the Perfect Time to Own, Activate
& Embody Your Inner Athlete!
(And no, you won’t even have to stand on your head to do it! ; -))
Your Inner Athlete is the part of you that is
naturally motivated from within to:

· Instinctively Move
· Achieve Excellence
· Have New Experiences

With Your Venus Reading + Custom Guide ~ You’ll be able to:

· Clarify Your Personal Values & Priorities
· Focus on More Heart-Centered Choices
· Create Your Personal Sacred Practice
· Release Stagnation & Activate Flow
· Magnetize Support + Repel Negativity
· Create Containers for Your Ideas

Venus Reading
Understand Your Personal Venus
& Divine Feminine Within
· Pinpoint Your True Priorities
· Co-Create a Strategy/Plan
· Clarify Your Most Vital Timing
Your Choice of Audio mp3 or CD or Both

Custom Guide
18-mo of Easy-to-Follow Tools &
Guidance for Navigating the Cycle
· Prayer & Journal Prompts
· Your Personal Venus Activations
· Monthly Affirmations & Excercises
Your Choice of PDF or Spiral-Bound or Both

Monthly Circle
Join Our Amazing Community of
Master Teachers & Healers,
Lightworkers & Dedicated Students
· Get Infusion of Strength, Support & Suggestions
to Make Your Life Beautiful, Sacred & Rich
Ongoing Monthly Venus Circle

Contribute $150 for Reading + Custom Guide
Contribute $125 for Previous Venus Circle Members
Subscription $25/mo for Ongoing Monthly Circle
Contact Kelly Beard to Order Your Reading + Join Venus Circle!

Who is the Venus Reading, Custom Guide
& Monthly Circle good for?
~ Anyone who wants to better understand their own
patterns around Love, Money & Magnetics.
~ Anyone who likes doing the self-work and also likes
the support of a community with common goals.
~ Anyone who is looking for a NEW Passion, Purpose or Identity
and feels ‘in between’ on these matters.
~ Anyone who is truly ready to consciously get their outer priorities
realigned to match their inner values.
~ Anyone who wants to consciously co-create with the
current upgrade of their Love, Money & Magnetics.
~ Anyone who wants to simply learn more about themselves
and their values, priorities & personal patterns.
~ Anyone who has strong/many Fire Signs or Cardinal Signs:
Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn in their chart.

Venus Cycles – Past/Future ~ If we track the last few Venus cycles, one way to look at it is that we got a completely new identity activated when Venus Retrograded through *ARIES* (2009-2010) which was followed by cultivating new values & priorities, based on this “new identity” which opened up access to our innate power to co-create our lives. As Venus Retrograded through *SCORPIO* (2010-2011), we got to cleanse & clear any deeply buried karmic debris blocking full expression of clean, authentic power and true self-worth. As Venus Retrograded through *GEMINI* (2012), we got to explore the infinite ways we can express ourselves at this new level of consciousness and release out-dated thinking & obsolete processes. As Venus Retrograded through *CAPRICORN* (2013-2014), we got to put a brand new structure in place that actually helps us make better decisions and create more fundamental stability, as well as personal security, based on the new values & priorities. If we’ve anchored the fundamentals in a secure way, then this recent Venus Cycle thru *LEO* (2015) will be a final exam of sorts on working with our magnetics for sure, with both rewards & revelations about what we magnetize & repel, naturally. 2017 brings us full circle back to Aries Retro & we can rebirth yet again! Venus Retrogrades every 18-months, which means that our *Values & Priorities* shift, in small ways, on a fairly regular basis, but in huge ways every 8-years. Getting a rhythm to this, internally, will help you flow with your own personal evolution with far less fear or anxiety & much more trust in the natural order of things, including your own natural evolution.
Click Here for Venus Retro in Aries 2017 Article (4-pg/pdf)
Click Here for Details on Venus Reading + Custom Guide (1-pg/pdf)
Click Here for Audio Excerpt from 2009 Venus Circle (15-min/mp3)


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