Jupiter in SCORPIO 2017-18

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Join us as we celebrate the SCORPIO Gate of Power and close 2017 both as a community and as conscious individuals. There has been a bit of an “end of an eravibe going on in 2017. Have you felt the permanent change within and around you? I am setting some incredible intentions myself for this Gate of Power and I am so excited to have Jupiter’s Blessing. Please consider joining me to honor a major cycle of endings & new beginnings that puts us all in brand new, unchartered territory in so many ways. Let’s initiate clean!

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Jupiter enters SCORPIO (until 11.8.2018):
Y’all know *cycles & patterns* is my thang ; -) so I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you a little good Jupiter-JuJu to work with as its one year journey through Scorpio kicks off! Jupiter (and Saturn = Your Truth & Purpose) are great to work with on a personal level, even though they are Social Planets that affect large groups of people. As in now, Jupiter traversing Scorpio will most intensely activate those with Taurus/Scorpio and Leo/Aquarius in their chart. It will expand the issues related to your Scorpio House and it will educate you through the Planets it activates throughout its journey.

No one is exempt, this is an opportunity for everyone to give some time & energy to consciously co-creating with this, often, beneficial planet. It can bring luck & good fortune but that has more to do with your optimism and the Universe’s timing colliding at the same time, than random luck. Really, the truth is, you’ve learned a LOT over the last 12-years and now you will be supported to expand to the next level organically. What used to be ‘true’ may not be true anymore and what was never true could actually be possible now. Truth is fluid and Jupiter helps us expand our consciousness, teaching through expansion (making things bigger) and story-telling, theatre & games (among other things). In Scorpio, it’s time to activate the power of your imagination to conjure a completely NEW Vision for your Self, your people and your planet. It’s time to redefine your terms around resources (time, energy & money) and how they (and you) relate to power. We cannot shrink from digging in the Scorpio depths, it’s where the treasures lie!

For a frame of reference, the following years are related this Jupiter cycle which is rebooting. Most recently, the years: 2014-15 (Leo) ~ 2011-12 (Taurus) ~ 2009 (Aquarius) ~ 2006 (Scorpio). 2009 was pivotal as we had what I referred to as the *Healing Trinity* = Neptune/Chiron/Jupiter in Aquarius. If you initiated, integrated or were tested on Jupiter-related issues during those years, this one’s for you! I am including my Jupiter Tools which I created for my Your Soul’s Path Series ©2007/GypsyChild Publishing and I’m leaving Libra/7th House in there too because we just finished a year of Jupiter in Libra, which directly affected Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn. You may have heard me say that when we are IN the activation, it is hard to know exactly what transformation is happening. However, once the activation passes, the clarity starts rolling in! So you will now be able to harvest your Libra Blessings as you begin to clear the Scorpio karmic debris to reveal powerful new blessings over the next year … ala Jupiter ; -)

When Jupiter travels through each House, it will certainly liven things up! The following is some of the different things activated by its presence …

Dream of the future / make future plans
Expand your field of knowledge / go to school
Your desire to improve on all levels
Seek Truth, wisdom and understanding
Take risks which build your character
Are most optimistic and enthusiastic
Connect to a larger, more philosophical perspective
Activate your Spiritual Quest
Get your PhD in *YOU*
Access your Truth & Purpose

Things to beware of as Jupiter travels thru each House …
Blind spot
Unrealistic Expectations
Over-expansion / making things bigger than they are / exaggerate

JUPITER IN LIBRA ~ Improve Your Relationships
Lesson: Balance and Reciprocity in All Relationships
– Create win/win situations
– Practice balance, fairness and diplomacy in all your dealings
– Combine beauty with truth
– Practice staying tuned in to a Higher frequency
– Recognize the inter-relatedness of all things and events
– Be sociable / friendship / romance / passion
Be aware of any tendency toward: People-pleasing and indecision.

JUPITER IN SCORPIO ~ Improve Your Karma
Lesson: Death / Rebirth / Transformation
– Major healing is possible during this time
– Access military discipline (if needed)
– Do the deep inner work (travel to the Underworld)
– Intense learning / Life-Death-Life Cycle
– Face tough raw truths
– Own your power – your Truth / then consciously decide if transformation is necessary
– Powerful urge for completion / ending energy so that the new beginning can get started
– Investigate and pay attention to Nature’s laws
– Follow intuition on any business venture
– Access instinctive manifesting power
– Master the principle that the invisible creates the visible and practice accordingly
Be aware of any tendency toward: Gossiping and keeping secrets.

JUPITER IN 7th HOUSE ~ Relate Your Truth
Expands & Activates Libra / Venus / 7th House Energy
– Experiment with collaborations
– Create *new* story of your partnerships / marriage / relationships
– Activate your artistic nature
– Socialize and share
– Collaborate on a big vision
– Activate your charisma / possible public life or recognition
– Watch your giving / compromise

JUPITER IN 8th HOUSE ~ Review Your Truth
Expands & Activates Scorpio / Pluto / 8th House Energy
– Deep Self-review / prepare for rebirth
– Prepare for Jup/9th/Sag coming next / Clear debris / prepare for spiritual quest
– Deep personal research / review (of Pluto issues: death/power/sex/
– Don’t worry what others think
– Prepare / Move toward *new* beliefs / personal philosophies
– Other people’s resources
– Watch your karma