Mercury Retro 2017

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1.25.2017 ~ Original Invitation  ~ (Archive)
2.1.2017 ~ Pre-Call Note from Kelly PDF ~ (1-pg/pdf)
2.3.2017 ~ Mercury Retro 2017 Audio ~ (82-min/mp3)
Review Mercury Retro 2016 Audio ~ (45-min/mp3)
2.3.2017 ~ Post-Call Note from Kelly PDF ~ (1-page/pdf)
All Notes Except Personal Activations (emailed directly to individual)
Mercury Retro ~ Basic Tools PDF ~ (2-page/pdf)
Includes: Issues, Areas of Life, Questions to Contemplate, Rituals & Breathwork
Mercury Retro ~ EARTH: Inner SoulSelf PDF ~ (1-page/pdf)
Includes: Inner Architect, Inner Artist & Inner Shaman At-a-Glance
Do you want your own Mercury Retro Reading for 2017?
YES!! I want to see the
Details (flyer) on how I can get my personal
Mercury Reading (order) PLUS BONUS Report for 2017.
NO Thanks! but here’s a Love Offering
Mercury Special $99.00 USD
Special ~ $25 OFF (Any Reading)
30-minutes $50.00 USD
60-minutes $100.00 USD
90-minutes $125.00 USD
2-hours $175.00 USD