Winter Solstice 2018-19

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The Sacred Season of *WINTER* Solstice is About …
Initiation & Renewal of Your Foundation
Renewing Your Faith
Broadening Your Vision
Consolidating Your Efforts
Deepening Your Dedication
Acknowledging a Turning Point
Initiating a NEW One Year Cycle
Owning Your Power & Inner Authority
Assessing & Completing the Past One Year Cycle
Honoring the New Beginning ~ Return of the Light
Balancing Your Inner Feelings w. Your Outer Actions
Using the Sacred Season to Rest, Replenish & Ruminate

Join Shanta Gabriel & Kelly Beard
for WINTER Solstice Celebration
THUR/Dec 20, 2018
(pacific) / @8:00pm (eastern)
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support the technical aspects of putting together this celebration.

Shanta & Kelly have collaborated for 10+ years, communing with the Angels & Ancestors, sharing the messages & tuning into the energetic support of each season. This is when we celebrate the Solstice and honor the Return of the Light! We will fortify our own individual Light Bodies and offer prayers for Mother Earth and all Life. Join us as we bridge Heaven & Earth to gather energy, nourishment & support for moving through the first quarter of the new year 2019.

I love the change of Seasons! It gives us permission to wrap things up and move on, as is Nature’s way: continuous movement & evolution. And you may have heard me say before that Access the Ancestors is my favorite Sacred Season, but that’s because we do so much communing with them at that time. But Winter Solstice is definitely my second favorite because we get to dream up the new year! Join us to celebrate and anchor the Light here on Earth! OneLove

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